Man in a Van: Rob Heule’s Mobile Lodge

Rob HeuleThe stir crazy soul dreams of leaving the hum of office space behind in exchange for the whir of passing asphalt. Some actually make the move to a mobile lifestyle, packing anything & everything needed to log adventures in between the click of the odometer and now, #Vanlife seems to be all the rage nowadays. But before it was in vogue to criss cross the country in an #adventuremobile, curated Instagram account in tow, some were already out & ahead of the curve.

One such wanderer is FT’s Rob Heule. No stranger to living in a van (Examples here, here, & there), we check in with him about his own comfort cruiser & favorite mode of transportation to & from the mountain, “Terry.”

Rob Heule

Why a van?

My Van is my home on wheels, with room for all my gear for all the activities I love to do. It’s just convenient, enjoyable, and affordable.

What is it like living mobile?

The best. I find myself being more spontaneous, living in the moment, and going with the flow. If something comes up that you really want to do, it’s pretty easy just to pack up camp, and go do it right then and there, not just talk about it.


How many pairs of skis can you fit in the van?

I try and keep my skis and wet gear in my roof box, out of the way, so the inside of my van doesn’t get wet. I’d say at any given time there’s 4 pairs, but you could probably squeeze 8 pairs in there. 

Did you name your van?

Terry. Still don’t know whether it’s a girl Terry, or a boy Terry.

What mountain and/or resort has Terry been parked at the longest?

I spend a lot of time parked in Whistler during the Summer, skiing up on the glacier during the day, and rock climbing in the evenings. 

How many miles are racked up on the odometer?

260,000 and runnin’. We use Kilometres in Canada.

What are some challenges of living out of a van for an extended period of time?

Finding mellow places to park for the night. Drying gear when the weather’s shitty. I don’t have a pop top, or fibreglass roof, so my neck gets a little sore.

Rob HeuleWhat are five things you can’t live without on the road?

1.Maple syrup.
2.Surf rock.
3.Coffee making kit (Aeropress, Jet Boil, hand grinder, thermal cup, and good beans).
4.Wool blanket.
5.Boot dryer.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed while traveling in the van?

A Bald Eagle fighting an Osprey for a fish. Guess who won? You wouldn’t think it, but the Osprey stole the fish from the Eagle. It was unreal.

What advice would you give to other skibums looking to make their own lodge on wheels?

It’s a lot of trail and error. The roof box is pretty key. Elevate your bed, so that you have storage underneath. If you know how to operate a sewing machine, you should be able to make your self some curtains. Invest in a good cooler, and camping stove. Having a little kitchen box or setup will save you lots of money on eating meals out. You need to be efficient and organized because you’ve got a small space to work with, so everything needs a home, and to have a purpose. 

How long have you and Terry been together?

I bought my van when I was 18 years old. I’m 24 now, and it’s the only vehicle I’ve ever owned. Before Terry came into my life, he/she belonged to my friends parents, and was their family ski van, for weekend trips to the mountains. Now full time adventure mobile. 

What is your favorite van addition (built-ins or anything custom you added to the van that you’re proud of)?

My front plate is an XL park feature sign. You know the orange ones? I have a lift kit especially for safari/astro vans, that lets you put larger tires on to give you more clearance on back roads, and in the snow, thus the XL sign.


Tom Wallisch & Good Company’s “Vice Versa”

Tom Wallisch & Good Company have been filming all season to bring a new feature film to fans in the fall. The project, entitled “Vice Versa,” features Wallisch and other FT athletes hitting all the skiporn staples – urban, backcountry, park in more!

Vice Versa will be a full length film, featuring urban, backcountry and park footage shot on location Japan, BC, Idaho, Utah, Mammoth, Quebec.

Featured Riders include:
Tom Wallisch
Tim McChesney
Karl Fostvedt
John Ware
Ahmet Dadali
Tatum Monod
JF Houle
Dale Talkington
and more

To get a look at what’s in store, watch the two episodes below that Good Company has released this season which documents the crew’s progress towards releasing the anticipated film!

Vice Versa, Ep. 01

Go behind the scenes as freeski icon Tom Wallisch and his Good Company crew scour the streets in search of features to build Tom’s X Games Real Street video entry. Find out what it takes—the group effort, the pain, the creativity—to craft a 90 second video showcasing freeskiing in the streets. Additional shots of Tom and the rest of the Good Company will be featured in his winter episodic web series as well as his feature film this fall, Vice Versa.

Vice Versa, Ep. 02

Go behind-the-scenes with Monster Energy athlete Tom Wallisch as he takes a break from filming and travels to Les Arcs, France for the B&E Invitational.

Vice Versa, Ep. 03

Ready for a mid-winter break from street skiing, Good Company crew consisting of Tom Wallisch, Ahmet Dadali and Tatum Munod headed to the land of the rising sun, Japan. Follow as the trio take a much needed reset to ski powder and connect with local fans as they film for the year-end project, Vice Versa.

Real Ski is Real Good

Further expanding into the ski world, The Winter XGames “Real” series has brought urban skiing into the fold, promising mind bending progression for viewers and $20K for the winner. Unsure on what exactly Real Ski is? Well, real quick – it’s a video contest featuring 6 of the most apt urban skiers today who set out earlier this winter with a small crew to put together the best edit with the hopes of scoring the big purse.

Check out the edits below from Full Tilt Athletes. Be sure to vote for your favorite!

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Vote for Will Wesson

Vote for Clayton Vila

Vote for Tom Wallisch

Vote for Ahmet Dadali

The Original 3 Piece Ski Boot

Fall in Dollo

“Fall in Dollo,” the new edit from Henrik Harlaut

Henrik Harlaut continues to drop some of the most progressive edits and the time spent in Australia this past Fall only added to that fire. See the Swede send it on his all new Limited Edition boot, The B&E.

The Limited Edition B&E Pro Model
See Henrik Harlaut & Phil Casabon’s Limited Edition Boot – The B&E LTD

BE INSPIRED! B&E’s new 2 year project trailer!

BE INSPIRED – The 2 year project from Phil Casabon & Henrik Harlaut

Phil Casabon & Henrik Harlaut have released the trailer for their next film, “Be Inspired,” which is the culmination of two years of filming all over the world.

BE Inspired is a Eric Iberg film featuring Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut that will release fall 2016.

Produced by: Inspired Media Concepts
Directed by: Eric Iberg
Original Soundtrack produced by: Walshy Fire

Trailer Tune performed by: Raekwon and Kabaka Pyramid
Beat by: Winta James

The Limited Edition B&E Pro Model
See Henrik Harlaut & Phil Casabon’s Limited Edition Boot – The B&E LTD
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.58.50 AM

WATCH: Cruise Control from Gpsy Feelin

“Cruise Control” by Gpsy Feelin

CRUISE CONTROL is the 8th and last ski film from Gpsy Feelin this movie is an embarkation on a sensual journey of emotions featuring contemporary electronic music, that will let you lay back and switch on cruise control. This exclusive soundtrack was collaborated with the French music label Cosmonostro.
Starring:Julien Lange, Leo taillefer Laurent de Martin, Flo Bastien, Alex Chabod, Pierre Antoine Chedal and Jules Bonnaire.

The Original 3 Piece Ski Boot


Most Villain – Edollo and Albaladejo

Most Villain – New Edit from Henrik Harlaut & Noah Albaladejo

“Henrik Harlaut is arguably the biggest name in skiing right now and Noah Albaladejo might well be the industry’s fastest rising star. By my count this is his third absolute banger edit in the last few months, not bad for a time of year when pros traditionally take a break. The two villains have combined for the second time this year to drop a insane edit sure to melt your face. Most Villain is inspired by music from MF Doom & Madlib’s album ‘Madvillain'”. – Adam Spensley / Newschoolers

Read More on Newschoolers.com

The Limited Edition B&E Pro Model
Henrik Harlaut & Phil Casabon’s Limited Edition Boot – The B&E LTD

Certified PRO!

Full Tilt Certified Pro Shop – Where to find ’em!

This season, you’ll be able to visit a number of shops in Europe who are now a certified Pro Shop for Full Tilt products. What does that mean? Well – you’ll be able to check out each location and get up to date info on all the latest boots from FT from knowledgeable staff. Additionally, you’ll have access to a wide selection of parts to upgrade and customize your ski boots.


Blue Tomato Vienna – Neubaugasse 3, 1070 Wien
Die Börse – Leopoldstr. 4, 6020 Innsbruck


Total Feet – ABC1 entree A, technopole Archamps, 74160 Archamp,


Freeride Mountain – Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 39, 73614 Schorndorf
Blue Tomato Munich – Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 14, 80538 München


Sport Schönhuber – Stadtgasse, 24, Brunico Bozen


ALPINgaaraget – Birger Jarlsgatan 127, 113 56 Stockholm
Skistore.se – Skanstorget 6, 411 22 Göteborg

The All-New Descendant Series

The All-New Descendant Series

Get to know Full Tilt’s Next Comfortable Step

The All-New Descendant Series

Full Tilt’s Descendant Series features the all-new Evolution Shell – a 102 width ski boot designed for comfort & performance for those who have a wider footprint while still incorporating the original DNA of the 3-piece design. From the sole up, this ski boot is something special. It features a 102mm width, rubber soles for added traction and durability with an upgraded buckle system for easy on & off.
The All-New Descendant Series

<< Shop them now >>

I have really become a fan of the boots and I can completely understand why so many people choose to ride them. Landings are more comfortable and I still feel I have enough support from the tongue to do everything I would in a stiffer overlap boot. The comfort is I think the biggest factor, I could ski everything in the park the same I would in an overlap but the Descendant just offers more comfort, which if it does not come at the cost of performance I’m all for. – NS.com

Don’t just take our word for it – Read the in-depth review from Newschooler’s resident boot fitter, Tom Pietrowski HERE.