The Golden Age

Golden Age

The Golden Age – Watch The Trailer

Catch “The Golden Age,” featuring Noah Wallace, premiering this week in Montreal!

As the film’s producer describes,

“The Golden Age is the story of six Summit County skiers, told through a grandfather’s memories some years in the future.

Featuring: Ethan Swadburg, Levi Ascher, Kai George, Noah Wallace, Cody Cirillo, Mark Nowakiwsky”

Want to catch a premiere? You can find it at IF3 this week in Montreal on September 26th at Cinema L’imperial (show starts at Noon!) and in Denver on October 3rd at Declaration Brewing! Find out more HERE!

For Lack of Better - A documentary following the lives of street skiers

For Lack of Better – A Street Skiing Documentary

For Lack of Better - A documentary following the lives of street skiers

FT’s Clayton Vila, Cam Riley & Sean Jordan star in the new documentary from TGR, “For Lack of Better” which  premiere this Friday in Montreal at IF3. Find out more HERE >>

Filmmaker Clayton Vila documents his and his closest friend’s addiction to street skiing. For reasons of personal satisfaction and career progression, these rare athletes are obsessed with creating the best possible video parts every year. This film follows the rugged and passion-filled lives of street skiers throughout a winter as they battle for their next best video part.

For Lack of Better – Watch the Trailer Below

Rob Heule captures Switzerland!

See Will Wesson, Rob Heule & Sämi Ortlieb’s new series, “Glacier Days!”

Rob Heule captures Switzerland!

FT athletes Will Wesson, Rob Heule & Sämi Ortlieb have been spending the dog days of summer on the ice fields of Zermatt putting together a banger new series – Glacier Days.

The four part video series will be released online every other week throughout the months of August and September. Sämi, Will and Rob are working closely with Zermatt’s Snowpark crew to bring you the most creative park set-ups, and tricks of the Summer. The “Glacier Days“ series aims to keep skiers entertained with video content throughout the late Summer months, that is sure to get you hyped to shred when the snow starts to fall.”

Filming: Sämi Ortlieb, Will Wesson, Rob Heule
Postproduction: Sämi Ortlieb, Rob Heule


Read the Behind the Scenes on Newschoolers!

See Rob Heule’s Photos from Switzerland!


Glacier Days EP1

Glacier Days EP2

Glacier Days EP3

Tamashii - a film by Ross Reid

Tamashii – Searching For The Ever Fabled Moment

Tamashii – A Film by Ross Reid and Jasper Newton

Last Winter, FT Athletes Karl Fostvedt and Anna Segal headed to Japan with fellow skier Andy Mahre and filmakers Ross Reid and Jasper Newton to explore the deep pow and culture – all the while “unplugging from the hyper-connectivity of the modern world,” an achievement that in today’s day & age can be lauded given the persistence of insta-face-tweets, digital fistbumps and emojis over face-to-face conversation. The resulting film, which highlights their “quest to find and experience the ever-fabled ‘moment'” is expected to be released in the Fall, features their six week incursion into blower overhead and the silence of analog – this will for sure be a MUST SEE come October!

READ MORE: Enjoy insights and outtakes from Hemlock Creative’s “Tamashii”

Support the Tamashii Kickstarter Campaign!

Interested in helping to support the film? Head on over to their KICKSTARTER PAGE and make a pledge – maybe even score yourself some FT gear in the process like:


  •  Any 2015-16 Model Full Tilt boot of your choice and in your size! When it comes to ski boots, these are the only ones both Anna and Karl trust when skiing everywhere from the streets, to the park and pow.
  • Also includes DVD PACKAGE.


Presented by Hemlock Creative
Directed & Produced by Ross Reid
Cinematography by Ross Reid & Jasper Newton
Edited by Ross Reid
Original soundtrack by Landis Tanaka
Starring Andy Mahre, Karl Fostvedt & Anna Segal


How to pack for an RV trip

Pack Your Things! A Guide to #SkiTheNorth

Rob Heule’s How-to Guide to RV Living.

The Things You’ll Need For a Month On The Road!

So by now we hope you’ve caught the latest release, Ski The North, featuring FT’s Rob Heule. No? THEN LOOK UP!

Done? Great. Wasn’t that good? We agree.

Now you’re wondering, well…how do I do that?

Good news is we spoke with Rob and he’s compiled of all the gear you’d need to go on your own Northern adventure next season.

Read up and get out there!

How to pack for an RV trip

  1. Scoop shovels: Cover up the concrete you’ll be skiing over faster and more efficiently!

  2. Yoga Mat & Foam Roller: Stay loose and limber after you fall down concrete stairs everyday for a month straight.

  3. Work lights & extension cords: For skiing at night, where you’re not supposed to during the day.

  4. Sleeping Bags: Because sleeping in an R.V. in February is not the warmest thing to do.

  5. Safety Mack Jones: Need someone to direct traffic when you’re landing off a handrail into a busy street? Mack is your guy, and he’ll do it as politely as possible with a smile on his face!

  6. Winter boots: Keep your toes warm! If you sweat, you die… Our Full tilt boots get pretty sweaty after a day of skiing, so it’s nice to have a change of footwear.

  7. Propane Torch: Ever tried building a jump out of snow that fell over a month ago, and has frozen and thawed countless times? So have we, and the heat from a propane torch makes the process a whole lot easier.

  8. Helmets: Safety first kids!

  9. Video & Photo Cameras: From digital to analog we shot it all. HD, Super 8, JPEG, & 35mm film. Documenting ski stunts with different forms of media.

  10. Water & Gasoline: Keep yourself, and your R.V. hydrated!

  11. Collapsable lawn chair: Press record from the comfort of your chair (when it’s -30 degrees)

  12. Assortment of Line Skis: Blends, Bacons, and Chronics. Skis for all conditions you might encounter on the road to the Yukon.

  13. First Aid Kit: Never know when you’ll get an unexpected BooBoo and need a Band-Aid.

  14. Bungee: Speed maker for smaller spaces where the winch is not a feasible option

  15. Winch: How do you generate speed on flat ground, and ski entirely too fast into street features? You guessed it: A gas powered winch.

  16. Steel Shovels: Essential for breaking up, and shoveling snow that may not exactly classify as fresh pow.


Tom Wallisch and “Good Company”

Get “Good Company” on iTunes!

Have you had a chance to catch the new project from Tom Wallisch & co called Good Company? Fresh off last season’s self titled “The Wallisch Project,” Tom has teamed up again with Kyle Decker and AJ Dakoulas to create a series of mini-movies featuring the Tom and others on their travels to some of the craziest urban & powder locales.

From iTunes – “Tom Wallisch, X-games gold medalist, has teamed up with friends from all over the world to create something incredible. Based around the simple concept of good friends traveling and skiing together, “Good Company” brings you amazing ski action in an entirely new format. Instead of waiting all year for the release of new ski movies, “Good Company” is bringing you short films as the footage is captured. Kyle Decker and AJ Dakoulas have collaborated to create a film you have to watch.”

Where to find episode “One”
Google Play

The Best Freestyle BootShop Tom’s Promodel!

Ski The North - Rob Heule

“Ski The North” – Rob Heule & Co. discuss their latest film.


“Mack Jones, Rob Heule, and filmmaker Graeme Meiklejohn got back on the bus this year. Apparently they didn’t get enough of RV life after driving from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean last year for the making of Meanwhile in Canada. After Mother Nature threw the team a knuckleball, the boys had to scrap their original plans for the winter and booked some quality time with Harvey the RV 2.0 via Canada Dreams “Going South” package to get the wheels rolling on Ski the North. Like last year, the project is based around urban, but will feature some resort riding. For Intersection, they made a separate cut of the project with the full project being released in its entirety after [World Ski & Snowboard Festival].”


Rob Heule, Ski The North

Your original plan was to go to the Kootenays to film this project? How did that come about?
Rob: There’s so much potential there. Both Nelson and Trail are built on hills.
Mack: The JP Segment [in Sherpas Cinema’s All I Can].
Rob: Yeah, definitely the JP segment comes to mind when you think of that area. I think it’s a bit of an unexplored area that still has a lot of potential, and there’s usually snow. Just with the warm winter, it was obviously not feasible.

How did Whitehorse become the contingency plan?
Mack: It was kind of a joke at first—like, “Let’s go straight north because no one else has snow.” And then Nelson actually didn’t have snow. We were thinking about going to Alaska, but we wanted to keep on with our Canadian theme.
Rob: It was such a last minute decision.
Mack: We were going to leave Vancouver for Nelson on the second [of February]. And then we were gone in an RV by the fifth.
Rob: It was within two or three days that we organized the same RV trip that we put three or four months of planning into last year.
Mack: We told ourselves that we weren’t going to do an RV trip this year, then we were like, “We have to.”


fulltilt_1415_b_and_e_athlete_2 copy

“Point Buster” – Watch the latest from Phil & Henrik

“Point Buster”

– 3 nights of fun times at Sunset Park, Peretol-Andorra.– Henrik Harlaut & Phil Casabon, the most creative duo in skiing, just dropped this edit from their time in Andorra. Watch & Enjoy!

Ski their pro-model boot! The B&E!

PHIL & HENRIK INSPIRE AND SO WILL THIS BOOT  – The most influential duo in freestyle skiing, Phil Casabon (aka B-DOG) and Henrik Harlaut (aka E-DOLLO), are back with their second, lightweight pro model. Infused with their style and energy as well as backed by FT performance, The B&E is supported by the Original 3-Piece boot design, a 99mm width and 6 flex tongue for comfortable and stylish hot laps through the park.

“A Skier of Circumstance” – Freeskier profiles Karl Fostvedt

Karl Fostvedt / © DBrown
Karl Fostvedt / © DBrown

“Stylish, confident, talented. Those are all qualities that make the world of ski media take notice. Thoughtful, humble, independent. These virtues don’t always guarantee attention. In my mind though, Karl is next in a line of skiers who combine both sets of traits, indelible names in our sport including Eric Pollard, Michelle Parker, Dash Longe, Pep Fujas, Mike Hornbeck, Adam Delorme and more, all who have made their names not by scoring higher but rather by playing an entirely different game.” – Nate Abbott

Freeskier Magazine profiles Karl Fostvedt in Volume 17.6 – Read the article in it’s entirety HERE.

WATCH: Karl Fostvedt in Poor Boyz Productions “Tracing Skylines”

SKI HIS BOOTS > The 2015 Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot
SKI HIS BOOTS > The 2015 Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot

Stylez. – Cole Drexler drops Mid-Season edit.

FT’s Cole Drexler is style – Watch him as he drops in on Ontario’s Blue Mountain on a greybird day. Filmed by Alex Mattie.


Find the best freestyle boot HERE.

“Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art

Bullfighting can be an art
Boxing can be an art
Loving can be an art
Opening a can of sardines can be an art

Not many have style
Not many can keep style
I have seen dogs with more style than men,
although not many dogs have style.
Cats have it with abundance.

When Hemingway put his brains to the wall with a shotgun,
that was style.
Or sometimes people give you style
Joan of Arc had style
John the Baptist
García Lorca.

I have met men in jail with style.
I have met more men in jail with style than men out of jail.
Style is the difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.
Six herons standing quietly in a pool of water,
or you, naked, walking out of the bathroom without seeing me.” – Charles Bukowski