They See Me Trollin

They See Me Trollin' Season 2

Steve Stepp is at it again! After an extended hiatus, Steve returns for his “Victory Lap.”

“Steve has been too busy partying to make any Trollin’ episodes. But why? After meeting one of his lifetime heroes and rediscovering his passion for skiing in Episode 2, Steve Stepp disappeared from public view. We expected him to use this newfound motivation and momentum to push out more amazing ski videos. But after months and months went by with no contact we began to wonder “Where’s Steve Been?”. We finally tracked him down and were left speechless.” – Saga Outerwear

Watch the latest from Steve Stepp & the “They See Me Trollin’” series below!

// They See Me Trollin’: Victory Lap

// They See Me Trollin’ Ep. 2

// They See Me Trolling: Season 2; Episode 1

The Best In The World Wear Full Tilt Boots

  • 83 Athletes
  • 20 Countries Represented
  • 8 Events
  • 27 Top Ten Results
  • 7 Boots on the Podium

The numbers don’t lie, the best in the world wear Full Tilt Boots.

Here are a few of the highlights from the Sochi Winter Olympics:

Justine Dufour-Lapointe, along with her sister Chloe took home Gold and Silver for Canada in Women’s Moguls. Also from Canada, Mikael Kingbury took home silver in Men’s Moguls. Rounding out Canada’s impressive performance was Kim Lamarre. She took home bronze in Women’s Slopestyle. Mengtau Xu & Jongyang Jia, both of China, would win Silver & Bronze medals for Women’s & Men’s aerials respectively. Finally, Australia’s Lydia Lassila took bronze in Women’s Aerials.

Sander Hadley gets Internet Famous

Our newest member to the team Sander Hadley is blowing up the internet with his POV edits this season. Watch a few of them below and click here to learn more about Sander.


Show Us Your Boots – May’s Contest Winner Checks In!

The new boots arrived. Thanks so much. I know I’ll love them. [I] noticed that the new models has a toe that can be replaced. That is the only worn part of my old boots after replacing the heel. Thanks again. Can’t wait for ski season now!

-Barbara May

Barbara May was our winner for the Month of May with the poem (see below) about her outdated Raichle Flexons that needed to be updated. View Barbara’s Winning Entry


Have mercy on my old boots and me, We’ve skied together since 1983.

New liners and heels Flex adorns, But oh, how the toes are so worn.

From Crested Butte to Vail we have played, Aspen, Steamboat, Breck all those days.

I was young, now I’m old,

I refuse to be told, No more Raichle Flexons for me.

Signed, The Skier (Waiting for her next pair or will never give up the old boots.) and her Boots (Best boots ever but please let me retire.)

If you think you’ve got a story that could top Barbara’s, submit it to our Show Us Your Boots Contest!