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Not Always Saturdays for Anthony Boronowski

Last year’s Poor Boys  film “Every Day is a Saturday” brings viewers into the life of young pro skiers, traveling the world, skiing, partying and enjoying life.

Which brings up an important question…. do these guys really live the life of no worries and all fun?

Full Tilt skier Anthony Boronowski might not fall into the care free stereotype often put on young skiers. He has accomplished many things in his young life. At age 18, he turned pro, traveled the world, skiing the most amazing terrain, experiencing different cultures and perspectives. Also around this time Anthony started a ski company that manufactured ski gloves, poles and softgoods. For four years he ran the business all the while soaking up manufacturing, design and marketing knowledge. Early in 2010 the company was sold but not many pro skiers (let alone under the age of 30) can say they started and sold their own brand!

Another impressive feat was that Anthony completed a B.A. in Communication from Simon Fraser University even while juggling many of his responsibilities, showing that his desire for knowledge and personal development go beyond many young pro skiers.