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Dylan Ferguson and the Upcoming Olympics

Dylan Ferguson is a unique athlete in the world on skiing. Although he is one of the best aerialists in the world, Dylan is also at home in the terrain park. There are very few aerials skiers who are comfortable in the terrain park and James can frequently be seen slaying both jibs and jumps with his friends at Park City, Utah.


Check out his appearances in a couple of recent edits:


Here is Dylan’s video of his 2010-2011 season highlighting both disciplines:


Dylan jumping to the pdium in Bukovel, UA:


Although Dylan always makes sure he has enough to time to enjoy skiing in the park, he is also a fierce aerials competitor.  He won the recent US National Championships, finished the season with a second place ranking in FIS aerials standings, and is preparing to jump for the United States in the upcoming Olympics in Sochi. The event is rapidly approaching and Dylan will be doing a lot to prepare. For more information on his professional career, check out his profile on the US Ski Team website. You can also head over to his Facebook fanpage where Dylan will keep you updated on his journey to the Olympic Games.


FT Dominates US Nationals

US Ski Team Members Dylan Ferguson and Heather McPhie made use of their naturally flexing boots as they walked from the podium after both winning national titles. For Ferguson, he successfully defended this title after winning it last year. This was McPhie’s first national title and proved to be well worth the accolades as she nailed her run (D-Spin and all) with a cast on from a broken thumb. Sochi here we come!

Check out McPhie’s Winning Run!


Video from Dylan’s 2nd Place Runs at Deer Valley


Day in the Life of Dylan


Full Tilt Boots is proud do be an official supplier of the US Ski Team.

FT Welcomes John Kutcher


Park City local ripper and member of the 4bi9 Crew, John Kutcher is now the newest member of the Full Tilt family. John has a super smooth style and fits in perfect with our extensive freestyle team. Make sure to check out John as well other FT riders such as Tom Wallisch, Collin Collins & Dylan Furgeson in 4bi9′s upcoming film ‘Begging for Change‘, which surely will not disappoint.

Here’s a Quick Lowdown on John:

Name: John Michael Kutcher

Birthday: December  2, 1988

Home Mountain: Park City Mountain Resort

Where you ride now: Park City Mountain ResortSLC Streets, The Wasatch

Whats so great about your mountain? It’s Park City!  No matter what time of day, you can roll up to the mountain solo and within one run be cruising with a good crew of friends.  Positive Vibes.  People tend to think the scene at PC can be too intense, but thats only if you let it be.

Favorite thing you enjoy doing on skis? Hot Laps at PC with a good crew, then the next day getting puked on and skiing pow in the CC’s

If you could spend a week skiing anywhere, where would it be? Skiing pow in Japan is on my list

Why do you ski so much? Skiing is the most fun thing to do and by far the best stress reliever.  Once you get up on the snow, nothing else matters.  My head gets clear and I am able to just be there without worrying about anything else.

John Kutcher from Evan Heath on Vimeo.

Full Tilt Boots on NBC

NBC covered Full Tilt Boots citing the advantages of our original 3-piece shell design and function. With over 30 athletes wearing the boot, a silver medal in men’s moguls and a sweep of the men’s and women’s aerials podiums the boot that has proven it’s advantages time and time again didn’t disappoint in Vancouver.

Windells Session 4- Full Tilt Represent!

Now that summer has heated up to a boiling point, so has the epicness over at Windell’s. With the photographer army they have, the Session 4 post is chalk-full of envy inspiring photos that might end up pushing you over the edge to purchase a plane ticket to Portland.

Along with the sun, Full Tilt boots were out and shining bright. Along with Tom Wallisch, plenty of team riders were out sporting fresh boots such as Andy Parry, Collin Collins, Dylan Furgueson, Luke ‘Ocho’ Allen and Dania Assaly. Check out the full photo story HERE or just the photos we liked below. Oh and by the way Andy Parry sure looks good on the front page of Newschoolers!

Screen shot 2010-07-19 at 12.03.38 PM

How many Hot Doggers by Tom Wallisch can you spot?

Collin Collins

Dylan Ferguson

Luke “Ocho” Allen

Tyler Barnes

Andy Parry

Yoga-master, Dania Assaly

I'd go with the Hot Doggers

Future husband and father, Tom Wallisch (see camper quotes for reference)
Wallisch loves da kids

Powder Interview with Dylan Ferguson

American Aerialist Dylan Ferguson hasn’t been in the Olympic scene for long, but he sure is making a name for himself and the up and coming next wave of newcomers. In what is becoming more of a blend between aerials and freeride, Dylan can be seen throwing down tricks in the park most only can see on youtube. Check out Alison Levy’s recent interview with Dylan for Powder Magazine below.


HIGH FLYING: Catching Up with Aerialist Dylan Ferguson
by Alison Levy

Cody Salrin

While he hasn’t been wearing his U.S. Ski Team uniform for long, aerialist Dylan Ferguson isn’t wasting any time trying to flip straight to the top. The 19-year-old Massachusetts native began skiing competitively 11 years ago at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, under the watchful eye of freestyle coach, Nick Preston. While Dylan admits that he was terrified of aerials as a 10-year-old, he seems to have outgrown his fear and is making his presence known as a talented young gun on the U.S. Aerials Team. Dylan finished the 2007-08 season with a silver medal at the Junior World Championships and ranked third in the overall NorAm standings. Now that he is one of “the big guys,” Dylan is spending his summer training, coaching, and filming in Utah and Whistler to prepare for the upcoming season. Keep an eye out for him on the World Cup circuit and watch for his segment in this season’s 4bi9 movie, Slamina, featuring a slew of Park City locals playing in the park and beyond the ropes.

POWDER: What surprised you most when you became a part of the U.S. Ski Team?
DF: When I first started the sport I thought that being on the [U.S.] Team was the coolest thing ever. With aerialists like Eric Bergoust, Joe Pack, and Brian Currutt, it seemed like a huge deal. Now that I am on the team, it made me realize that I am one of the big guys. It makes me feel good. Everyone on the team is awesome; it is just a group of skiers having a good time.

POWDER: What has been your favorite aspect of being on the national team?
DF: Getting to travel the world all winter long!

POWDER: The aerials team is tight-knit group. How do you balance friendship with competition?
DF: We try not to be too competitive with one another. Everyone on the team is friends so we just try to encourage each other to do awesome.

POWDER: You recently returned from Whistler. What were you doing there?
DF: I went to Freestyle America, a ski camp owned by Nick Preston. As a kid I went there as a camper, but this year I went as a coach. Being a coach was such a different experience.

POWDER: I also heard you were doing some filming. Who were you shooting for? Do you see more movies in your future?
DF: I have been filming with a company based out of Salt Lake City called 4bi9 media for the past two years. I enjoy filming a lot; it’s a different side of skiing than competing. I plan to keep filming with 4bi9 for the next few years to see if I can really push the sport of skiing.

POWDER: What tricks have you been working on this summer?
DF: In Whistler I was able to do my first rodeos on snow and was able to get most of my freeride jumps back. I always try to have a more difficult bag of tricks on the ramps just so I can be more prepared for the next season. Last year I did both lay-double-full-full and full-double-full-full on the ramps, but I haven’t competed those tricks on snow yet.

POWDER: Do you want to get into park skiing? Would you consider competing in halfpipe if it becomes an Olympic event?
DF: I have been skiing park and pipe my whole life. I used to compete in park and pipe in high school a lot, but since making the team I don’t have as much free time in the winter. I still want to ski park and pipe because I enjoy it, but I also want to get into powder skiing. I skied a lot of powder this year. I think there are so many things you can do in powder, the options are endless. I don’t see myself competing in halfpipe much more. Halfpipe skiers keep going bigger and bigger and it has gotten a little above my head now.

POWDER: What sort of training do you do in the off-season?
DF: I water ramp five days a week. I have also started to enjoy yoga. I go to “yoga in the park” at City Park every Tuesday. I try to go skateboard everyday of the week whether I skateboard at the skate park or just go out for a longboard cruise.

POWDER: How do you “train” for the mental aspect of aerials, what do you do to keep calm when you’re about to jump?
DF: I am not going to lie, it is a terrifying sport. You just have to know that everything will be okay if you jump confidently and have a good take off. I try to just relax and breathe.

POWDER: How important is visualization in your training and competition?
DF: I think if you can visualize a jump you can definitely do it. Jumping is all about knowing where your body is in the air and visualizing helps with that a lot.

POWDER: What are some of your goals for the upcoming season?
DF: I would like to get a top five in a World Cup. After that happens, I can make another goal!

For more details about Dylan Ferguson and the rest of the U.S. Ski Team go to usskiteam.com. Also check out freestyleamerica.com and 4bi9media.com for more information.

Scotty Bahrke Steps in for Ferguson

In an unfortunate situation due to a slow healing appendectomy, US aerialist Scotty Bahrke will step in and replace Dylan Ferguson’s spot for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Check out the article below from skiracing.com which has quotes from Dylan himself.

VANCOUVER, BC (Feb. 17) – Complications from a recent appendectomy will keep freestyle aerialist Dylan Ferguson (Amesbury, MA) from joining his Olympic teammates in Vancouver. The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Wednesday announced that aerialist Scotty Bahrke (Tahoe City, CA) will replace Ferguson. Bahrke is the brother of Shannon, who won bronze in Saturday’s women’s moguls.

“This is a great disappointment for Dylan, who had some of the Team’s strongest results in the selection process,” said USSA Vice President, Athletics Luke Bodensteiner. “At the same time, we’re happy to have an athlete of Scotty Bahrke’s caliber to replace him.”

Bahrke, 24 (7/19/85), has six top-10 finishes including a sixth on the Olympic hill a year ago. His best result came in the huge Moscow World Cup in 2008, where he was fifth.

“I am obviously bummed that I will not be able to compete and have my Olympic dream come true,” said Ferguson from Park City, UT. “But if I am not able to compete, then I wouldn’t have anyone else besides my best friend Scotty compete in my place. I know his jumps will be awesome and I am supporting him one million percent as well as the rest of the team.”

Ferguson had appendicitis surgery on Feb. 3 and was expected to be cleared to travel with the team to Vancouver. But a subsequent infection prevented him from competing.

Bahrke was approved by the IOC as a replacement for Ferguson on Wednesday. He is already in Vancouver and is expected to begin training on Wednesday or Thursday.