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Evan Sigstad Killin it With Field Productions

The new Field Productions teaser for “Side By Side” no doubt will cause some heads to explode. Ok maybe not explode but surely it will bottle your mind. The cinematography and shots that are just in the teaser shows that these filmers and producers have some serious skills. One of these co-directors and editors was Full Tilt skier (who’s lovin the Hot Doggers) Evan Sigstad himself. Check out the trailer:

Now check out an interview Evan had with Field Productions in order to get a better idea on what makes this crazy Norwegian tick.

FP: Hey Even. How´s life at the moment? What are you up to?

ES: Hey, its great! Right now I`m pretty much done after a long season, only some summer skiing left. I have started editing the new documentary I`m making and also working on another rail jam in Lillehammer this fall.

FP: Nice. Please tell the readers a short summary of your season. How did it work out? Did it turned out as good as you wanted?

ES: Yeah its been a good season, with no injuries. I got to travel a lot, both overseas and in Europe. The highlights (so many good trips) must be the rail trip to Sweden/Finland and to ski bottomless pow in the Alps. But the trip to Macedonia was also fun, cool to check out such a different country. We also did some great stuff here in Norway and I got to heliski for my first time and another helishoot on a kicker. Think I´m the most stoked on my urban shots, managed to step it up a bit and also got some innovative stuff. I was hoping for more jump and backcountry shots, but I guess you cant get everything.

FP: Can you explain how it is to be a part of the movie production itself? Is it a plus to be an athlete at the same time? Is that the reason why you have had the final segment in some of the movies?

ES: Of course, since I edit the movie with Filip I beat him up if I dont get the closing seg… haha
Being able to help Filip with the whole movie is something I enjoy a lot. Of course I want to get a good segment myself but I also care just as much about the whole movie. If the movie is good, then more people will watch it and also watch my skiing. For example if I make a cable cam for Filip I know it will produce some great shots for the movie, but I also know that I might get some good shots with it myself. So it`s a win-win situation for me. I`m also a person who likes to organize and plan stuff and that is something you do a lot when making movies. I`m always super dedicated to what I do so It comes kinda naturally to me to help out as much as I can. The more work you put into your skiing, filming and editing the better the result. Its that “easy”. I consider myself as a hard worker…

FP: What will you do to improve the documentary to be even better this year?

ES: Well It will be a bit different from last year, I won`t tell you how but what I think is less skiing and more behind-the-scenes action. Maybe more like a “real” documentary where I try to explain how it is to shoot urban, jumps, big mountain, powder, etc..

FP: What is the best about being a professional skier? Is it the ”rockstar” lifestyle?

ES: The best thing is being able to travel to new places and check out “the world”. I don`t know about the rockstar lifestyle, consider myself more like a bum… The only time a skier is a “rockstar” is if you win a big competition or when your on a movie premiere where you have a good segment. I don`t win any comps, but maybe I`m a “rockstar” for 1 day every year? On our premiere party in Oslo…

FP: Do you prefer deep powder or death rails?

ES: Stupid question… haha deep powder of course!

FP: Where do you see Even Sigstad in ten years?

ES: Maybe I work as a farmer, while dragging my 2 year old son up to the mountains so he can learn how to ski?

FP: Thanks for your time.