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Jesse Hall Skis Off Buildings

Jesse Hall is one ballsy dude. One thing you first have to realize about Jesse is he is an amazing skier. In the 2007 US Freeskier Championships at Crested Butte, Jesse didn’t take home the crown (he came in at 11th place) but he did have the best scored run in the competition receiving a 37.8 for this beauty.

Aside from killing the big-mountain scene, Jesse also Ski-Base jumps off of cliffs only crazy people think of sailing off of on their skis. Up at Alta the Helgate cliffs are always looming over skiers like a dark cloud, beautiful yet impossible to ski off. Well not without a parachute that is.

Not only does Jesse Hall send it off huge cliffs and gnarly big-mountain lines, he skis off buildings. Tall ones. In an event put on by Bobo’s and Warren Miller Productions, Jesse along with several other Ski-Base jumpers became the first people ever to Ski-Base off a building.

Check it out! How sketchy does this look?!?!

Who knows what Jesse will do next… all we know is we’re too scared to try it.