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Tamashii - a film by Ross Reid

Tamashii – Searching For The Ever Fabled Moment

Tamashii – A Film by Ross Reid and Jasper Newton

Last Winter, FT Athletes Karl Fostvedt and Anna Segal headed to Japan with fellow skier Andy Mahre and filmakers Ross Reid and Jasper Newton to explore the deep pow and culture – all the while “unplugging from the hyper-connectivity of the modern world,” an achievement that in today’s day & age can be lauded given the persistence of insta-face-tweets, digital fistbumps and emojis over face-to-face conversation. The resulting film, which highlights their “quest to find and experience the ever-fabled ‘moment'” is expected to be released in the Fall, features their six week incursion into blower overhead and the silence of analog – this will for sure be a MUST SEE come October!

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Presented by Hemlock Creative
Directed & Produced by Ross Reid
Cinematography by Ross Reid & Jasper Newton
Edited by Ross Reid
Original soundtrack by Landis Tanaka
Starring Andy Mahre, Karl Fostvedt & Anna Segal


“A Skier of Circumstance” – Freeskier profiles Karl Fostvedt

Karl Fostvedt / © DBrown
Karl Fostvedt / © DBrown

“Stylish, confident, talented. Those are all qualities that make the world of ski media take notice. Thoughtful, humble, independent. These virtues don’t always guarantee attention. In my mind though, Karl is next in a line of skiers who combine both sets of traits, indelible names in our sport including Eric Pollard, Michelle Parker, Dash Longe, Pep Fujas, Mike Hornbeck, Adam Delorme and more, all who have made their names not by scoring higher but rather by playing an entirely different game.” – Nate Abbott

Freeskier Magazine profiles Karl Fostvedt in Volume 17.6 – Read the article in it’s entirety HERE.

WATCH: Karl Fostvedt in Poor Boyz Productions “Tracing Skylines”

SKI HIS BOOTS > The 2015 Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot
SKI HIS BOOTS > The 2015 Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot

Checking in with Crazy Karl

As more and more outsiders learn about freeskiing through the venue of televised competitions, there is another discipline that most people know little about. Although generally hidden from the general public and often illuminated only by generator powered worklights, the massive gaps and transitions found by skiers in the urban arena arguably require more creativity and are often more dangerous than what takes place on a slopestyle course. Karl Fostvedt, one of the top urban skiers in the game, just posted up an interview on Freeskier.com where he explains what he’s up to right now and gives his thoughts on why the X-Games should expand the snowboarding Real Street competition to include skiing in the future. If you want proof that urban skiing is intense enough for X-Games audiences, check out the re-edit of his 2012 season with Poorboyz that Karl just released.

Head over to to Freeskier.com to read the full interview: