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Corey Vanular, Leigh Powis and Max Hill shred Whistler in the Spring 2013.
I was sitting on this footage for a couple of months now and realised it needed to see the light of day.
Filmed and edited by Rory Langdon-Down/Areldee Media
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Trampoline Off a Cliff?

This summer if you don’t have anything to do, isn’t it natural to put a trampoline on top of a cliff, then jump into a lake? Well only for those few with enough creativity, balls and a trampoline. This summer up at Whistler, some skiers had a bit of down time and came up with this ingenious idea. One of those such skiers is Full Tilt’s own Leigh Powis. Witness the awesome below:

Cliff Trampoline – Whistler >>

Other than jumping off cliffs from trampolines, Leigh Powis is a pretty good skier. And by pretty good we mean REALLY good. See for yourself.

Read more about Leigh below:
Name: leigh powis

Nickname: everyone always mistakes my first name for lay and my second for powers so i guess lay powers ha!

Age: 20

Sponsors/Supporters: icelantice, orage, rime knits, kapow hoodies,

Toothpaste: crest sometimes aquafresh also some times arm ana hammer but mostly colgate….. original!…

How has your skiing career impacted you the most? well before skiing i would try lots of different sports out and other stuff, but the second i got on snow i new it was what i wanted to do, so im almost 100% stoked i just have to achieve everything i want to in skiing then the 100% will be there!! working hard to get it tho!!

How has your skiing career changed you as a person? well made me a really emotional person judging by my answer above!hehe! but really given me a goal and i needed it an now i have it!!!

Jumps and Rails (features) these days are starting to grow to such large sizes and are becoming so much more immense they are starting to resemble features seen in video games. With this the number of injuries and the severity of those injuries getting more serious, how much farther do you see yourself pushing the limits? as far as im able to!! cant wait to see how far that will be!!!

With all of the competitions that are starting to pop up, as well as the number of talented athletes that are starting to emerge, where would you like to see your progression and skiing career excel? well i would really like to get into comps, its one of my goals in skiing! i think they are sick, but mostly filming i want to do the the best/coolest stuff i can possible do and get it on film :)!

At events this past season the color of outerwear/skis/hats has increased to an extensive level. And everyone looks like skittles. What is your favorite color/flavor of skittles? black!!!!

What do you think about having half pipe skiing as an olympic sport? And how do you think that will change skiing as we know it now? Think it would be sick, have you seen the stuff they are doing in there wow! would be anther cool event!

Besides skiing, what would you say your creative outlet/form of self-expression is? well i like to draw alot and get crazy with trampolines but also i make a damn good huckdoll keep your eyes peeled for them! ha but really!!

What are your goals/dreams beyond skiing and in your future? really at the moment every bit of my energy and brain power (haha) is being put into skiing im very one pointed and thats what i want/

Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3? ps3!

Mac or Windows? mac obviously!

What (if there are any) are the drawbacks of being a professional skier? no drawbacks only drawforwards nothing touches skiing!

What is your best gondola story? i have a few!! over the peak to peak i hoped the fence and jumped around on the little glass square i didn’t realize but there was a p2p attendant in there an all he said was dont scratch the glass ha!

Shout outs/Thank Yous? gotta thank icelantic! and mum an dad for taking me to canada and helping keep me here!! cant say enough for that!