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Level 1 Productions – Partly Cloudy Trailer

The guys from Level 1 Productions are known for putting together amazing ski films and it appears that their next release will continue this trend.  Full Tilt athletes Will Wesson, Ahmet Dadali, Tanner Rainville, Tim McChesney, and Logan Imlach will all be part of Level 1’s upcoming movie and the teaser of their shots is certainly impressive. Check out the trailer for Partly Cloudy and get stoked for the September release.

Full Tilt and Level 1 Team Up

The award winning crew at Level 1 has been producing the world’s most progressive freestyle ski films consistently for more than a decade. Over that time Level 1’s athletes have developed a deep allegiance to Full Tilt ski boots for their unique lightweight and natural flex characteristics thus are able to perform more technical tricks with a higher level of ease & comfort. This advantage helps them push their sport every year and bring the high level of ski entertainment the world has come to expect from Level 1.
It’s this natural partnership between Level 1’s athletes and Full Tilt Boot’s performance that drove Josh Berman, founder of Level 1 and Josh Malczyk, Full Tilt’s team manager to materialize the concept of a limited edition collaboration team ski boot. The boot’s unique sneaker-like look, high contrast black and white aesthetics and details that include athlete’s signatures were created together by both brand’s artists and athletes.
Full Tilt will be producing only 500 pair of this limited edition Level 1 & Full Tilt team pro model for distribution globally. The “Level 1” Boot hits stores November 1, 2012. Contact your favorite Full Tilt dealer to snag yourself a pair today … before they’re gone!

Watch Level 1’s new film, “Sunny” to see mind blowing skiing from pro athletes Tom Wallisch, Tanner Rainville, Mike Hornbeck, Will Wesson, Logan Imlach, Tim McChesney, and Spencer Milbocker in their new team issued boot. www.level1productions.com/movies/sunny

Level 1’s ‘Sunny’ Trailer


It’s trailer time, and Level 1 has come to town with Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Logan Imlach, Tanner Rainville, Will Wesson, Tim McChesney, Spencer Milbocker and company in their newest flick Sunny.  They noticeably stepped it up this year, so watch this teaser to brighten your day.

Sunny Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.


Logan Gets Real with SBC Skier


We here at Full Tilt are grateful FT Team rider Logan Imlach is going to continue writing to contribute to SBC Skier, as he always keeps his ‘how to’s’ funny and actually useful. Check out SBC’s interview with Logan and find out all there is to know about the Superunknown 2010 winner from AK.

After winning Level 1’s Superunknown contest in 2010, Logan Imlach began sharing his knowledge with our loyal readers in the form of “how to’s” (which can all be found here) – which ranged from picking up hippies in a resort town to building your own winch. Lucky for us, Logan plans on continuing to contribute to www.sbcskier.com throughout the winter, and don’t be surprised when you see his name gracing the pages of our magazine.

Name: Logan Imlach
Age: 24
Years Riding: 10
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Now Hangin’: Anchorage, AK (Portland, OR soon)
Accomplices: Level 1, doom/love
Sponsors: Moment Skis, Spy Optic, Full Tilt, Lethal Descent, Joystick, Capix, Marker, Kombi, Outdoor Technology, SkiAK, Purple Jump Suit Apparel
Off-Snow: Golf, fish, learn


Hey Logan, how’s it going?

Pretty well man! Just killing time at work. Hating being at a desk.

What’s the plan for the summer?

I’m working at an engineering firm in Eagle River, Alaska. I get to go out in the field sometimes, but most of my time is at the ol’ desk so I’ll be spending my free time fishing, golfing and getting some quality time in with friends and family before my girlfriend and I move to Oregon.

Why the move?

My girlfriend got into grad school just west of Portland, so I’ll be calling Mount Hood my spot for a while. No idea if it’s permanent – we’re just rolling with the punches.

Any big plans for next winter?

Nothing really set in stone yet, but I bought an enclosed trailer that will fit my sled and some sort of sleeping arrangements, so hopefully I’ll get enough time off of work next season to caravan around the PNW with my sled filming all over the place.

Logan Imlach

How was your season?

Busy man, really busy. Started off getting my Engineering Degree in December, and days later filmed in/around Anchorage with Will Wesson and the infamous Freedle Coty. I went on a few other trips with Level 1, including my first real heli mission in Colorado with Telluride Helitraxx, which ended up being one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I didn’t get to get out and film with Level 1 nearly as much as I wanted due to my work schedule and limited budget, but I’ve got my chin up for next season when I’m living in the continental US and working a rotational position in Alaska’s oil fields, giving me two weeks off a month to go shred.

Have things changed very much after winning Superunknown?
Oh man, like night and day. The season that I filmed that edit was going to be the last year we made a movie with our local crew, so mentally I was just kinda like, “Yeah I’ll try to go out with a bang, and transition to becoming a recreational skier.” And I was cool with that. Then when I won it kinda threw me for a loop. It’s an amazing opportunity to keep skiing and keep trying to think of new things to do, so I’m just going to ride it out as long as Josh continues to invite me on trips.

We heard you dislike being labeled as a pro skier.

That is one of my biggest pet peeves right now. So many kids are like “ohhhhhh prroooooooo” when someone is on a flow program. A professional skier is someone who skis for a living, and has no other source of income. Anything less than that is an amateur. Take me for example; just because I had a couple shots in a movie and get some free gear does NOT make me a pro – I don’t make any money off of skiing. In fact, I actually pay out of pocket for a lot of things, that’s why I have to have a real job. So kids, stop asking people how it feels to be “PROOO”, because you sound like a bunch of idiots.

Check out SBC Skier for the REST OF THE INTERVIEW (trust us it’s worth it)

Checkin’ in with Logan Imlach

Hey! Just wanted to drop in with a little early season update to let you know what I’ve been up to. In comparison to most early seasons, I’ve been sub par on the amount of shredding I’ve gotten to do. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot more of this:

But not to fear, as of today, I am a college graduate! And because I also have the best bosses around, I get to keep my job as a civil engineer on the side burner while I devote as much time as I physically (and financially) can towards filming with Level 1. But, even though I was busy wrapping up my final 15 credits, we did get a little filming done.

If you haven’t seen “My Alaska” (you should probably check it out: http://vimeo.com/16037247), our good friend and snowboard legend Jay Liska has equipped his house with a home made rope tow and plenty of fun features to play on. We made a mini edit there on November 6th, so check that out!

Also, in conjunction with Anchorage City Church, we threw the second annual “Trick or Street” rail jam, which turned out to be another sweet experience. We got a majority of the lumber donated, and built a pretty dope feature. And the night after the jam, which I judged, we went and sessioned with our friend and talented photographer Kris Swanson. Got a couple shots here:



And that was my (somewhat uneventful) early season! We’re now getting some snow up here in Anchorage, so the shooting will commence shortly!

Also, skiing aside, I have been doing a weekly column for SBC Skier called “How to:” so if you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out, head on over to www.sbcskier.com and check them out!

How to: Win Superunkown 2011

How to: Ski and go to School

How to: Cut Costs While Ski Bumming”:

How to: Ride the Chairlift with a Stranger

How to: Pick up a Hippy Chick in a Resort Town

Hope all is well.


How to: Ski & Go to School

Full Tilt’s own Logan Imlach drops some knowledge on how he balanced being a committed skier and student. For all you youngsters out there pay attention. Also take note that he rocks some Seth Morrison Boots on the hill, which really helps in preventing shin-bang. Check out the article from SBC Skier below!


Hey! Logan Imlach here. I’ve spent the last 4 and a half years skiing while going to college full time, so I wanted to give you kids some insight on how to maximize your skiing while attending school. People always say, “ohhhh waaah waaah wahh, I have to skip class if I even want to ski blah blah blah.” That is just simply not true, there’s tons of ways to maximize both worlds, as long as you aren’t afraid of coffee and/or not sleeping much. While reading this, keep in mind that in my vocabulary, the word “shit” can be used to describe many things
related to school,
so without further ado, peep the list:

LoganScheduling – College classes are different from high school, in the respect that they are scheduled twice a week. I always recommend Monday and Wednesday classes because if you aren’t close to the resort, you have Thursday through Sunday to shred. It doesn’t matter if you’re in class from 8 am to 9 pm, because you’re only there 2 days a week so really, who gives a shit?

Don’t take online classes – Online classes being a cake walk is the biggest myth in college history. You always put them off til the last minute, and then on some fateful Sunday night it’s always, “Oh shit! I have like 15 assignments due!” Save yourself the hassle and only take live lectures, that way you know exactly when class is, and exactly when shit’s due.

Give yourself an off day – One day a week, aside from your class days, get shit done. The Monday Wednesday schedule leaves Tuesday as a prime day for this. Make a list, get your shit together, and just do all of your work. I don’t care if you have to lock yourself up in the *gasp* library, the more you get done on the off day, the less you’ll have to do on your shred days. Three days a week of school gives you four to shred, and damnit, that’s a winning battle if you ask me!

Get good grades – The bottom line to this is, if you don’t keep your GPA acceptable, mom and dad are going to pull the rug on the whole operation. If you keep your grades to a bearable level, then there’s no reason for them to give a shit if you’re skiing four days a week. So be organized and studious, and you’ll have no problem shredding 80 days a year.

Find like-minded people – As soon as you’ve labeled those with the same schedule and shred-ambitions as you, work shit out with them. You can trade off driving (saving money), get group meals (saving money), and have more connections finding a place to crash slope side (SAVING MONEY). That aside, you will truly find the college-life comradery that most think you have to go looking for in some gay-ass frat house.

Miss a day here and there – Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be afraid to miss a day shredding here and there. If your school work becomes overloaded, take a day off and get your homework done. Make sure to call mom and dad on this day also, just to reiterate to them that “school is coming first, then skiing”. This will make them super proud of you, and maybe get you some sweet ass presents come Christmas break.

Don’t get a girlfriend – Most kids are so overzealous when they enter the college lifestyle that they want to find some hard body to settle down with right away. This will only complicate things. Keep your romantic life simple and string-free, otherwise before you know it you’ll be going on dates and giving out foot rubs when you could be getting face shots and making your boots really stinky.

Logan Imlach: The New Guy

By The New Guy from PowderMag.com

Name: Logan Imlach
Age: 23
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Where you may have seen me before: You’ve probably only seen me if you live in Alaska, if that’s case, the ButteryFresh movies.

Tell us about your experience filming with Level 1 on the first shoot.

My very first time with them was at a couple handrails I hit in Anchorage with [Level 1 cinematographer] Freedle Coty. We picked up Duncan Adams from the airport and headed to the spot, and I started hitting one of the features, then Wiley [Miller] showed up. Out of their crew, Wiley is who I look up to the most, so I was super nervous. I took a couple bad diggers (one of them I nutted really badly), and acted like they didn’t hurt so I could impress Duncan and Wiley. Then afterward Freedle tried to interview me, and I don’t know what it is, but when I get a camera in my face I get the giggles really bad, and the interview didn’t go too well.

You won Level 1’s SuperUnknown Contest this year. Past winners include Tom Wallisch and Corey Vanular. What’s it like to be in such jib-centric company?
It’s absolutely crazy to hear my name thrown in with the company of skiers like Tom and Corey, they have both done so much to push park and urban skiing. I hope that I can show the kind of longevity that Corey has shown, and that I’m sure Tom will show.

What was your reaction when you found you’d won?
Complete and utter disbelief. I was walking into class and got a call from an unknown number, and right when I answered it and heard Berman’s voice I knew what was going on. I was so overcome with emotion I wanted to start fist pumping and dancing, but I kept it together.

What can people expect to see from you in Level 1 Productions’ “Eye Trip”?
That’s a good question, I’m not really sure. I got a handful of shots that I’m really happy with, and I hope that some of them make the movie.

Favorite segment of all-time?
It’s cliché to even say, but of course Pep’s Session 1242 part. No other segment has done as much as that did for our sport. I also get pretty inspired watching any edit with Will Wesson or Max Hill in it, they are both so in control of every movement, it’s just eerie.

What kind of segment are you hoping to produce?
Next year I really want to put together a well-rounded segment, with plenty of big mountain, BC jumps, and jibbing. There are so many aspects of skiing that I just love, I want to showcase it all.

What’s My Alaska?
My Alaska is our local Anchorage project for the season. We wanted to move away from our previous movies, which we edited with a skate style of shot after shot after shot. We also wanted to show people that there’s so much more to Alaska than just huge mountains and steep lines, so we captured (and are continuing to capture through the summer) so many things that make Alaska what WE know it as, and we hope to convey to the non-Alaskans just how much fun our state is. It will be available for free download after we premier it in August.

I see you filmed for “My Alaska” in Wasilla. Any run-ins with Sarah Palin and/or family?
Funny story: back when I was playing hockey, at a tryout I fought Track Palin and dislocated his shoulder. But other than that, my only run in with the Palins was golfing in a group behind her Dad’s group.

What’s one major misconception about skiing in Alaska?
Weather. A majority of people think it’s all sunshine and pow, but we spend at least 8 out of every 10 days shredding in crappy light with either icy or super heavy snow. Also, that everyone in Alaska has heli-skied. I went to Valdez for the first time in my life this season, and that shit is really, really expensive.

Logan would like to thank Moment Skis, Joystick, Spy, Level 1, Capix, and Purplejumpsuit Apparel.

My Alaska Teaser