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ARtrip Korea feat. Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Mike Hornbeck

The Armada Team journeyed out to South Korea this past February to see what the skiing culture in and around Seoul was all about. They spent most of their time at High 1 Resort, exploring the mountain and all of the concrete and rock ledges surrounding the hotel area. Most of the people who lived in this region had never witnessed this kind of skiing before.

Skiing by: Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Mike Hornbeck, Torin Yater Wallace
Film+Edit: Corey Stanton
Music: H3X3N- Space Ace


Wreckallections: The Mike Hornbeck Mini Movie

ARMADA presents "WRECKALLECTIONS", the Mike Hornbeck mini movie.

Mike Hornbeck spent his entire 2012/13 season filming his own short movie with the intent to release online for free by season's end. Follow him as he travels to British Columbia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, and California. At the end of the season Hornbeck finds himself back in his hometown in Michigan, where he reflects on all the places he skied and people he met along the way.

Created and Edited by: Mike Hornbeck and Corey Stanton

Corey Stanton
Mitch Cheek
Ante Olofsson
Tack Narita


Full Tilt and Level 1 Team Up

The award winning crew at Level 1 has been producing the world’s most progressive freestyle ski films consistently for more than a decade. Over that time Level 1’s athletes have developed a deep allegiance to Full Tilt ski boots for their unique lightweight and natural flex characteristics thus are able to perform more technical tricks with a higher level of ease & comfort. This advantage helps them push their sport every year and bring the high level of ski entertainment the world has come to expect from Level 1.
It’s this natural partnership between Level 1’s athletes and Full Tilt Boot’s performance that drove Josh Berman, founder of Level 1 and Josh Malczyk, Full Tilt’s team manager to materialize the concept of a limited edition collaboration team ski boot. The boot’s unique sneaker-like look, high contrast black and white aesthetics and details that include athlete’s signatures were created together by both brand’s artists and athletes.
Full Tilt will be producing only 500 pair of this limited edition Level 1 & Full Tilt team pro model for distribution globally. The “Level 1” Boot hits stores November 1, 2012. Contact your favorite Full Tilt dealer to snag yourself a pair today … before they’re gone!

Watch Level 1’s new film, “Sunny” to see mind blowing skiing from pro athletes Tom Wallisch, Tanner Rainville, Mike Hornbeck, Will Wesson, Logan Imlach, Tim McChesney, and Spencer Milbocker in their new team issued boot. www.level1productions.com/movies/sunny

Level 1’s ‘Sunny’ Trailer


It’s trailer time, and Level 1 has come to town with Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Logan Imlach, Tanner Rainville, Will Wesson, Tim McChesney, Spencer Milbocker and company in their newest flick Sunny.  They noticeably stepped it up this year, so watch this teaser to brighten your day.

Sunny Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.


Hornbeck’s Hillbilly Hoopla

Since when are young skiers from the West & Vermont jealous of those in MN? Well thanks to Full Tilt’s own Mike Hornbeck they are now!

Recently a three-day mini camp (named the Hornbeck Hillbilly Hoopla) was held at Summit Boardshop‘s private park in Minnesota and included private coaching from style kings Mike Hornbeck and Ahmet Dadali who were both rockin’ the Hot Doggers like nobody’s business.

Now check out some of the photos by Bill Hickey from Newschoolers.com. Check out the article and more photos HERE!

Day one. All the campers arrive in the morning and meet Mike and Ahmet.

Ahmet and some campers stretch before heading outside.

Despite the rain, Ahmet is stoked on the towrope that Summit has in their backyard.

Because of the rain and warm temperatures the snow was extra soft, giving campers the perfect time to learn new tricks on the hip jump.

After lunch Ahmet helps fill in some bomb holes.

One of the Michigan riders showing how it’s done on the down street rail.

Day two the weather turned for the worse. Temperatures over night dropped into the single digits, which turned the backyard into an ice rink. The first half of the day was spent chopping up the landings and filling in areas with fresh snow.

After lunch Mike had a little Level 1 trivia game for some DVD’s. Who bashed their teeth out in Real Time?

Mike decided to have a best trick comp on the new down-flat-down rail. Throughout the days Mike would have different mini comps on different features in the park.

Everyone at camp walked away with some sweet swag.

I’m not joking here, everyone got sweet stuff.

In the end, weather and all, everyone walked away with a bag filled with some new tricks and new friends.