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Full Tilt Boots on NBC

NBC covered Full Tilt Boots citing the advantages of our original 3-piece shell design and function. With over 30 athletes wearing the boot, a silver medal in men’s moguls and a sweep of the men’s and women’s aerials podiums the boot that has proven it’s advantages time and time again didn’t disappoint in Vancouver.

Breaking Down Aerials

Have you ever wondered how Aerialists go so high, flip so fast, and walk away? You’re not alone. Not only do these insanely high flying acrobatics go as high as a five story building, they also fit up to three twisting flips in a span of seconds.

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 11.04.07 AM

To help us understand how these athletes perform such amazing tricks, The New York Times recently had their science reporter use slow motion to break down Full Tilt’s own Ryan St. Onge’s aerial jumps. Check out the video HERE.

Learn more about Ryan St. Onge at his website.