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Late NW Pow Makes Tyler Ceccanti a Happy Camper

With El Nino in full effect, the Northwest has been in a pattern of unusually warm weather and absolutely no snow. That is until April hit. Dropping several feet of snow, storm after storm hit the Northwest making it one epic end to a not so epic winter.

One such person who reveled in these late storms was Tyler Ceccanti, a young local from Crystal Mountain. Oh and believe us when we say Tyler made good use to all the snow that fell in April.

Can you tell that he’s pumped?

Tyler got some love from photographer Ian Coble in ESPN’s Freeskiing Gallery below:

Screen shot 2010-08-30 at 3.38.34 PM

During this time a crew from Sweden was in town and Tyler, being the generous person he is, showed these guys some serious powder only a local can. Check out the Crystal Mountain segment at 2:22. Oh and try and spot out his First Chairs, such easy on-the-hill-adjustments!