Breck Training

Hakunamotata fellas!!

This Is Kim Boberg, …I have beenhere in the US for about 2 monthsnow…and this is a shortwrap up onwhat I have been up to.
I came here on the 10th of December…to do the open qualifiers for dewtour…the course was super sick…everything was pretty much perfect…except my speed feeling….I took way to much speed on the first jump and went way to big I couldnt stand the landing, and I didnt qualify…so I was really bummed about that….but the first thing I wanted to do after, was just to go out there and shred all day everyday!….and film a bunch so I could show you guys!…here area lot of shots, In the New episode of ”shred n breakfast” so I hope youguys like what we have been doing since I came here


(Dead frozen cows on the back of a truck, thats nothing you see everyday in sweden)

I was super excited about having my Christmas here in the US for the first time …it felt super weird, but at the same time ,super awesome sick ass cool, different but fun…But I wouldnt have done it if my girl friend wasnt with me…so I brought her too (or she brought herself) hehe …so I give Christmas in the US a 8 out of a 10, and christmas in sweden a 12 outof 10!!..hehe…. (anja playing with dawgy dawg on christmas eve). Then we went back to breckenridge for new years!…the full tilt shades was on and yeah I guess you know the rest?
Anja vs. the dog. Guess who won?!

The White Shark, ahh no, it´s Kim…
And after a few days all my homies from sweden, the ”Secondhands” crew came over too , and just a few day safter that all my class mates from Norway came, and also the ”chaozproductions”, included my main man!! AUDUN LINNERUD! A norwegian FULLTILT rider…with way too much style!.. unfortunatly he hurt his heel a bit the first day..but that didnt stop him from coming up to the mountain..he took it easy and filmed us for the last episode of shred n breakfast!! yeah! So we have been filming a bunch!


Thanks and Checkout ”shred n breakfast” to see some skiing from the trip!

You can find the episode here:

Shred’ n Breakfast – Episode 4 from Shred’ n Breakfast on Vimeo.

And yeah Aspen Open is coming up too before I head back to sweden!..

Take it to Lunch!…./kimboooo