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The city big air season started again in Zurich with another title for the Pretzelman, the King of Afterbang.
Tom’s switch backflip got the crowd so crazy that they screamed him to the top of the Crossover Sessions Podium, making him the Crossover.Champ 2010.

He know's how to get the crowed stoked!
He know’s how to get the crowd stoked!


the Zurich version of stagediving
the Zurich version of stagediving

During the regular comp Tom could impress the crowd as well as the judges with unbeliveable cork 7’s blunt to truck driver and double cork 10s, so it was a no brainer to give him a spot in the semi finals on Sunday.



Tom's style trick: cork 7 blunt to truckdriver
Tom’s style trick: cork 7 blunt to truckdriver

Sadly the force wasn’t with him in the semis and he couldn’t get through to the final.
With the Crossover.champ he had his title in the pocket, so he even didn’t stop smiling after that and came by our stand for a signing session.

Logan Imlach: The New Guy

By The New Guy from

Name: Logan Imlach
Age: 23
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Where you may have seen me before: You’ve probably only seen me if you live in Alaska, if that’s case, the ButteryFresh movies.

Tell us about your experience filming with Level 1 on the first shoot.

My very first time with them was at a couple handrails I hit in Anchorage with [Level 1 cinematographer] Freedle Coty. We picked up Duncan Adams from the airport and headed to the spot, and I started hitting one of the features, then Wiley [Miller] showed up. Out of their crew, Wiley is who I look up to the most, so I was super nervous. I took a couple bad diggers (one of them I nutted really badly), and acted like they didn’t hurt so I could impress Duncan and Wiley. Then afterward Freedle tried to interview me, and I don’t know what it is, but when I get a camera in my face I get the giggles really bad, and the interview didn’t go too well.

You won Level 1’s SuperUnknown Contest this year. Past winners include Tom Wallisch and Corey Vanular. What’s it like to be in such jib-centric company?
It’s absolutely crazy to hear my name thrown in with the company of skiers like Tom and Corey, they have both done so much to push park and urban skiing. I hope that I can show the kind of longevity that Corey has shown, and that I’m sure Tom will show.

What was your reaction when you found you’d won?
Complete and utter disbelief. I was walking into class and got a call from an unknown number, and right when I answered it and heard Berman’s voice I knew what was going on. I was so overcome with emotion I wanted to start fist pumping and dancing, but I kept it together.

What can people expect to see from you in Level 1 Productions’ “Eye Trip”?
That’s a good question, I’m not really sure. I got a handful of shots that I’m really happy with, and I hope that some of them make the movie.

Favorite segment of all-time?
It’s cliché to even say, but of course Pep’s Session 1242 part. No other segment has done as much as that did for our sport. I also get pretty inspired watching any edit with Will Wesson or Max Hill in it, they are both so in control of every movement, it’s just eerie.

What kind of segment are you hoping to produce?
Next year I really want to put together a well-rounded segment, with plenty of big mountain, BC jumps, and jibbing. There are so many aspects of skiing that I just love, I want to showcase it all.

What’s My Alaska?
My Alaska is our local Anchorage project for the season. We wanted to move away from our previous movies, which we edited with a skate style of shot after shot after shot. We also wanted to show people that there’s so much more to Alaska than just huge mountains and steep lines, so we captured (and are continuing to capture through the summer) so many things that make Alaska what WE know it as, and we hope to convey to the non-Alaskans just how much fun our state is. It will be available for free download after we premier it in August.

I see you filmed for “My Alaska” in Wasilla. Any run-ins with Sarah Palin and/or family?
Funny story: back when I was playing hockey, at a tryout I fought Track Palin and dislocated his shoulder. But other than that, my only run in with the Palins was golfing in a group behind her Dad’s group.

What’s one major misconception about skiing in Alaska?
Weather. A majority of people think it’s all sunshine and pow, but we spend at least 8 out of every 10 days shredding in crappy light with either icy or super heavy snow. Also, that everyone in Alaska has heli-skied. I went to Valdez for the first time in my life this season, and that shit is really, really expensive.

Logan would like to thank Moment Skis, Joystick, Spy, Level 1, Capix, and Purplejumpsuit Apparel.

My Alaska Teaser