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Seth & FT in Europe

Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to tell you a little bit about an event we were planning over the last couple of months and which finally went down 2 weeks ago.  During the summer months we came up with the idea to do a tour through some resorts in Europe and spread the word about Full Tilt Boots.  Well, as you’ve already read in the header, we got Seth over to the Alps for the week!
The tour started for me (Korbi, European Marketing Coordinator) with an 8 hour drive to Geneva, Switzerland to meet up with Paul, our boot guy (actual title: engineer) who also joined us for the tour. The next day Josh, FT Marketing Manager and Seth arrived at Geneva airport and we drove to our first stop: Zermatt, Switzerland.

After a 4 hour drive along the beautiful Lake Geneva we arrived in Zermatt just on time to prepare everything for the invited dealers to arrive and the presentation of the product line.  Lots of conversation, drink and laughs later it was a success. Everyone was going great and the crew was happy to go skiing the next day. Sadly it started to rain heavily all the way up to the glacier, so we couldn’t see the Matterhorn and even worse, the conditions to ski were awful! No worries though, good friends and the misty Alps were a great treat.

The drive up to Zermatt.
The beautiful drive up to Zermatt.
Seth on the way to Zermatt
Seth happy to be in Europe, first castle siting.
On the way to Zermatt
On the way to Zermatt
The Materhorn on the arrival day
The Matterhorn on the arrival day
Seth talking about his boot
Seth talking about his boot
And Dealers are listening!
And Dealers are listening!
The Zermatt Crew
The Zermatt Crew

The next stop on the schedule was a small city called Thun, Switzerland with a signing session at the Free Mountain Shop. As you can see on the photos, this was one of the mellower days of the tour but Seth made lots of people happy with signing posters, skis and he also did a pretty good job as a photo model 🙂

Thun's castle
Thun’s castle



Ready, steady, GOOOO!!!!!
Ready, steady, GOOOO!!!!!
Seth's "Blue Steel"
Seth’s “Blue Steel”
Sascha from Free Mountain and Seth
Sascha from Free Mountain and Seth

Right after the signing session we left to meet up with the next dealers in Silvaplana near St. Moritz, Switzerland. As we arrived the first guys where already waiting for us with a cold beer at the hotel bar. After finishing the welcome drink we started off with our presentation and the boot fitting. At this point i have to thank Paul and the local reps Cristophe, Sascha and Moreno (who came to help us even though it was his birthday!!!) for all their help during the trip!

Josh talking about Full Tilt's history
Josh talking about Full Tilt’s history
Paul explaining the difference of a FT compared to a 2 piece boot.
Paul explaining the difference of a FT compared to a 4 piece boot.


The next day it was time to hit the slopes again. This time it didn’t rain, but there was one big cloud which didn’t change it’s position for the entire day. Result: 0 visibility on 3/4 of the mountain.

"There's the mountain Seth did a front flip off Paul"
“There’s the mountain Seth did a front flip off Paul”
Imagine some amazing big mountains in the background
Imagine some amazing big mountains in the background
Kid's coming up to get a poster at the parking lot
Kid’s coming up to get a poster at the parking lot

Now it was time to leave Switzerland and head east to Austria. After a little repack session at the border we made it to Innsbruck and the Stubaital to meet up with more shop guys and some friends of, a website we are working with. This time we planned the presentation and boot fitting for the next day, so there was a little bit of time to relax and for to do a interview with Seth, which will come out in one of their news, dropping every wednesday, so make sure to go and check that out! Again, the weather was not on our side! It was unbelievable windy (A video Seth took with his phone: ) and the lift operators had to shut down almost all the lifts, but there was enough time to test the fresh heat molded boots.

repacking at the border
8 am, just like in school.
8 am, just like in school.


Seth with the Guys of Hotel Viktoria in Neustift
Seth with the Guys of Hotel Viktoria in Neustift

After one more signing session at Sport Conrad in Garmisch-Partenkirchen we ended the tour with the European Winter Sales meeting that was held in Garmisch.
Thanks to all the dealers for coming out, testing the boots and giving feedback. Thanks to Seth for doing this exhausting trip with us and thanks to you for taking the time to read my story all the way to the end!

Pray for Snow!

Me, Seth and Josh
Me, Seth and Josh

Ahmet Dadali: Q & A


Check out Ahmet Dadali cheesin’ on a snowmobile, rocking some Hot Doggers in front of some snow capped mountains. He recently hit up A-Basins’ opening day and got some footage of the event. Ahmet got together last week with Freeskier Magazine to answer some questions. Recent events were discussed as well as a look into his life as a pro skier and how he became one.

Congratulations on wining Best Male at IF3 for your performance in Eye Trip. What factors led to you winning this honor? Locations, conditions, the level 1 crew, etc?

Everything. I ski with all my best friends the whole time and they all have such different styles, it makes me want to do different things. I had a really good year traveling around with Decker, this gave me the opportunity to get a lot of shots, and I was just feeling really good coming into the year.

How and when did you get involved with Level 1?

It started during the “Real Time” year, 2006-7. I got an e-mail from Berman to come out to the park shoots at the end of the year. I’d been filming with Decker and Rage Films for their movie “Enjoy”, Decker had previously been an intern with Level 1 and was talking to the B-Man about me.

What is it like being part of the Level 1 crew?

It’s Awesome! I had bought every movie they had ever made, so I’ve always looked up to all the guys, It’s ill to just be a part of it

Want more? If so click & read the rest of the interview.