Ahmet Dadali: Q & A


Check out Ahmet Dadali cheesin’ on a snowmobile, rocking some Hot Doggers in front of some snow capped mountains. He recently hit up A-Basins’ opening day and got some footage of the event. Ahmet got together last week with Freeskier Magazine to answer some questions. Recent events were discussed as well as a look into his life as a pro skier and how he became one.

Congratulations on wining Best Male at IF3 for your performance in Eye Trip. What factors led to you winning this honor? Locations, conditions, the level 1 crew, etc?

Everything. I ski with all my best friends the whole time and they all have such different styles, it makes me want to do different things. I had a really good year traveling around with Decker, this gave me the opportunity to get a lot of shots, and I was just feeling really good coming into the year.

How and when did you get involved with Level 1?

It started during the “Real Time” year, 2006-7. I got an e-mail from Berman to come out to the park shoots at the end of the year. I’d been filming with Decker and Rage Films for their movie “Enjoy”, Decker had previously been an intern with Level 1 and was talking to the B-Man about me.

What is it like being part of the Level 1 crew?

It’s Awesome! I had bought every movie they had ever made, so I’ve always looked up to all the guys, It’s ill to just be a part of it

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