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Dylan Natale Kicks Off BC Season

As resorts are opening up and people are starting finally quench their powder cravings, Full Tilt team member Dylan Natale and his crew made sure to start the season off right… earnin’ turns in the Wasatch. Here’s a quick trip summary from the man himself!


After a quick storm dropped a foot of fresh on the Wasatch mountains a couple buddies and I loaded up the powder skis and boards to try and get our fix.  We decided on the famous Grizzly Gulch and it didn’t dissapoint.  We took a couple laps off Twin Lakes Pass and then climbed back up and skied Grizzly Gulch down to the parking lot.  Other than the couple of hidden rocks the snow was stable, soft, and deep enough to feel like we were skiing pow again.   Another storm is forecasted for Thanksgiving night…


We need a few more storms before Wolverine Cirque is a go
Fun zone

Dan Marion Gets Properly Boot Fitted

Full Tilt Team member, Meathead Films Skier and Vermont Local Dan Marion knows a thing about comfortable ski boots. For him, Ski Rack is his go-to place to get his brand new Classics properly fitted. Check for your local dealer to find out where to find your boot and where to get them properly fitted.

Pond Skim to Face = October Winner

Pond skims are not for the faint of heart. Generally they always end with an abrupt and awkward fall to either frigid water, side netting or in the case of our Show Us Your Boots October winner, face to hard ground. Hayley Fedorek from Monroeville PA had the cajones to ignore the many brutal falls that went before her and go full speed into the 7 Springs pond, only to slam her face into the lip at the end.


Luckily she was ok but her boots have never really recovered from the traumatic and somewhat embarrassing moment, now she’ll have some boots that aren’t waterlogged.

Remember if you think you deserve boots more than Hayley (winner above), then show us why and submit your own entry at Teton Gravity.