The Original Hot Doggers

December’s winner of ‘Show Us Your Boots!’ over at could possibly be one of the most creative to date! Did Mitch Jensen just design next year’s boot for us?! Check out his entry below:

The original Hot Dogger.

Ski Boot Features:
Original 3-Meat Design
Medium #6 Premium Beef Frank tongue for maximized flavor
Whole Wheat Bun Bootboard absorbs messes
Stadium Brat Buckles for lightweight on-the-go eating
Classic Yellow Mustard Cables

Although it looks like I’m ready for this ski season, a long day on the slopes sure makes me hungry…and I’d rather have a boot that I wasn’t tempted to eat!

Remember if you think you deserve boots more than Carter Larscheid (winner above), then show us why and submit your own entry at Teton Gravity.