Vintage 3-Piece Boots Getting Replaced


January’s winner of ‘Show Us Your Boots!’ over at has some pretty sick original Raichles which, we have to be honest, are dying to display in the office. So maybe Nick would be down to trade for some brand new Full Tilts?! Check out his below!

I got so excited to see you’ve brought my beloved Flexon comp boot back. I own the Flexon Comp VIP model which has special graphics to commemorate the 1989 Vail World Championship. I used them for over 12 years till I became too self conscious of the dated color scheme. By then the Flexon was gone from the market so I switched brands. Always felt the Flexon was the best ever but vanity kept me off them. The Full Tilt will become my next boot. Please enter me in your contest. I can also supply you more photos of the Raichle Flexon 5 and Flexon Slalom which I purchased in the last years of existence, but didn’t like. Too heavy and klunky.

Remember if you think you deserve boots more than Nick Pasyanos (winner above), then show us why and submit your own entry at Teton Gravity. Check out all of our RECENT WINNERS!