February Show Us Your Boots Winner

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When I was little I looked forward to when I would be old enough for my feet to stop growing for my first pair of nice fitting boots. My dad had a pair of Raichle flexons that he swore by so I tried them on one day and they fit so dagon well that I gave them a shot the next day we went out skiing. They fit so well that it wasnt until skiing on them for a few years that I looked for another boot with more cushion because most of the liner was packed down. I picked up some used nordics jah loves and they were more cushiony but man did my feet hurt after that first day. So Ive been back with the old trusties for a couple more years now. I ended up just putting another sole in there to help with impacts but now its a real trouble to get a comfortable and stiff fit. Those hard hits still hurt and one of the pivot caps is broken so my right boot doesnt clitch down properly. The 3 piece boot is my one and only. “Help me obi wan kenobi youre my only hope!”

-Austin February 2013 Show Us Your Boots Winner

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