Know Your Dealer

Local Shop Profiles

Where would we be without our local shops? They are the ones educating the masses, solving problems, and above all, dialing in the perfect fit on your Full Tilt Boots. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our dealers.

So in order thank these fine people slogging away in the retail trenches we thought we’d profile some of our righteous dealers across the country. To kick it all off, we sat down with Slopestyle Ski Shop in Downtown Breckenridge, Colorado.



Drew Van Gorder, owner and founder of Slopestyle, has been living in Colorado for quite some time now, but he isn’t local. Like many, he started out on the East Coast, but finally heeded the call of the mountains and headed west for college. After a stint at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, CO, Drew landed in Breck — arguably the hub of park skiing in the United States. Not long after, he started Slopestyle Shop. Check out the profile below!

Name: Drew Van Gorder

Position: Shop Owner/Founder

Find Slopestyle online at… , @SlopeStyle_Ski

Where are you guys located? We’re in Downtown Breckenridge; 110 S. Main Street.

How pick that location? Breck has one of the best parks in the nation. Every year, we see pros travel from all over the world to ski the Breckenridge Parks. Even if the Dew Tour didn’t roll through, we’d still see a massive contingent of high-level skiers passing through. Yet there was never a shop dedicated specifically to the freeskiing scene. It was always a couple of skis on the wall, and a host of product mixed into the more general consumer merchandise. We saw a place for us in the market — as a specialty shop — and Breck is one of the few places where a shop like ours could truly be viable.


But Slopestyle does online sales, too… Yeah, we sure do. But even still, the majority of our business is from the actual brick and mortar side of the business. We’ll continue to do the bulk of our business face-to-face, but the online realm certainly helps a bit.

How many years have you been in business? Six years so far! This will be our seventh winter in operation. Pretty wild to think about.

How long have you been carrying Full Tilt? Six years. It’s been on our wall since the very beginning.


Which boot have you been most psyched about carrying? The First Chair 6 has been one of our best selling boots for sure. Everyone loves the comfy, heat-moldable liner, shock absorbing boot board, and replaceable soles. And the Flex 6 Tongue is perfect for park skiing.

Are you mainly a park/freeskiing shop? What is the scene like? Overall, our customers fall in the 12-26 age range. But we have skis and boots for every ability level and age. Since Breck is a major destination resort town, we see all types of skiers. But we really cater to the core freeskiing communityIMG_9936

What is the most rewarding thing about owning a shop? Being able to service what we sell — hands down. A kid comes in with a broken ski, boot, or binding, and we have the opportunity to get him back out on the snow. You can buy whatever your want online, but you don’t build the same relationship with the dealer. We’re here to get people excited, and pair them up with gear tailored specifically towards their needs.


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