City Garage Full Tilt Boots

Know Your Dealer | City Garage

Know Your Dealer: Baker Street Snow

Name: Trey Clauss

Position: Team Leader

Shop: The City Garage

Website/Social:, @Thecitygarage

Location: Ellicottville, NY

Years in Business: 20 years

Years Carrying Full Tilt: From the start!

City Garage Full Tilt Boots

Tell us a little bit about yourself and The City Garage:

I started in 2001, fresh out of high school. Wax tech in training was my position. Fast forward to 2019 and people think I am the owner! Well, I kind of am, but I don’t pay the bills…yet! City Garage opened in 1999 was founded by Sean Lowes. People thought he was crazy. This is now our 20th year of selling skis. We’ve been keeping kids off of snowboards since 99 :).

What is the ski scene like around New York?

We are in the heart of ski country, New York style. Lake effect storms can bring in feet of snow. We are an eclectic group of skiers, a melting pot of sorts. We ski it all. Tele, moguls, trees, hard carving groomers, and whatever else the conditions bring about!  When it snows we’ll see ya in the trees! Talking big!

How long have you been carrying Full Tilt?

Since the start! And we carried Raichle’s before that.

Which boot have you been most psyched about carrying? Which boots do well?

The Dropkick has been crushing it for years. We love how customizable it is and how easy it easy for any young skier to become accustomed to. It will flex and fit the right way for any customer over the right amount of time.

What is the most rewarding part about owning/ working at City Garage?

It all comes down to making people smile and getting them excited to ski. Building relationships that turn into friendships. Oh, and the deals are gear definitely don’t suck either.

What is one thing that makes City Garage a unique shop?

One word. VIBE. We are a collective of misfits that love our shop. People come in from all over the world, and we want them to remember their experience at City Garage.