21/22 Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro or Ascendant Approach?

21/22 Ascendant Collection: Sammy Carlson Pro or Approach?

The 21/22 Ascendant Collection

Our athletes wanted tech-compatible boots that could handle a day in the backcountry just as well as they could rip down groomers, hot lap the park, and get after first chair freshies. Low and behold, the Ascendant Collection was born. Let’s run down some key similarities and differences between the Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro and Approach to find the right boot for your needs.


The Ascendant SC and Approach are tech-compatible for touring and offer the exact same walk modes. For both boots expect the same flex, each using the 120 flex tongue (change the flex softer/more rigid anytime on all FT boots with interchangeable tongues). Another shared trait is range of motion in walk mode. With the tongue attached expect a 40 degree range of motion and easily remove yours for 60 degrees.

The 21/22 Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro


The first major difference comes from the liner and shell construction. The SC is designed to be more rugged and more like an alpine boot in construction. It uses a full TPU shell whereas the Approach uses a slightly lighter Grilamid shell which is more commonly used in touring boots. The TPU is slightly heavier but gives a more alpine feel and is more durable. So if you plan on using the boots in and out of bounds as well as through the terrain park and don’t mind the slight weight hit the SC may be the better choice.

The 21/22 Ascendant Approach

The other difference is the liner. The SC uses a Pro Wrap tour liner and the Approach uses a Tongue Tour liner. The tongue liner is lighter and arguably feels more like a traditional liner found in most touring boots. The Wrap in the SC feels more like a liner in a Tom Wallisch Pro or B&E Pro.

The approach also comes fitted with a touring sole from Michelin but does have the Gripwalk soles in the box whereas the SC comes with the Gripwalk soles. However, you can buy the Michelin touring soles separate.


Overall, if you are looking for a freeride/touring boot which feels the most like an alpine boot go SC. If you want to save a little weight and have the boot feel more like a touring boot go for the Approach.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight chassis in the Ascendant Approach or a durable Heavy-Duty feel in Sammy Carlson’s Pro Model, the Full Tilt Ascendant Collection will give you the comfort and performance you need to Ascend it and Send it anywhere on the mountain.


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