Full Tilt Boots Official Update

Internet, we hear you.

Tweets, Forums, DM’s. We appreciate the words of support and passion shared for the Full Tilt Brand.

It is true; the 2021/2022 winter season will be the final ski season of Full Tilt’s existence as a brand.

For decades, the original 3-piece ski boot design has dominated competition, brought style to the ski boot game, and provided fit solutions for countless skiers. Full Tilt’s part in this storied legacy has been a fun one, embraced by the passionate community of park skiers and freestyle enthusiasts that live and breathe skiing every day. We want to first and foremost thank all of you who have echoed the phrase “just get Full Tilts.” And Full Tilt’s success over the years would not have been possible without the support from the long list of core ski shops who have put FT Boots on all those feet over all these years.

Let’s be clear; this isn’t a hard stop for Full Tilt. Through Spring of 2022, we will be continuing to push out rad product drops, limited releases, unique content, and plenty of giveaways. We will continue to provide customer service, warranties, exchanges, and more on the business side.

Behind the brand name, we are a small team of passionate skiers. We have grown up in communities that brands like Full Tilt helped create, and while you may not know it, we are the same crew behind LINE Skis. There’s no denying it is tough to see the Full Tilt brand end, but our team is ready to focus solely on LINE Skis in the coming seasons. We’re tipping our hats to the Full Tilt brand and shifting our sights from #comfortisperformance to keeping skiing #morefunner. For the good of skiing, we have big plans to continue growing LINE and giving back to the community that has supported skiing the wrong way since 1995.

For all concerned that your tried-and-true FT 3-piece boot is going away for good, fear not. The remaining commitment to the products and athletes that have shaped the FT brand over the years will continue. These boots will continue to be available as models within the K2 boot collection moving forward, beginning in Fall 2022.

“Full Tilt Boots have been on my feet for 15 years, for every X-Games medal, film segment, and edit. I’ve designed 10+ years of pro model boots with Full Tilt and loved every second of creating, testing, and marketing new versions every year. I’m excited for the future of K2 boots and to bring my flavor and style to a new line of products—the same molds, tech, and design but with a new logo. The boots will continue to provide the look, comfort, and stomped landings you’ve come to expect!” -Tom Wallisch.

“Full Tilt has been the park skier’s choice, at least in my eyes, since I started pursuing this dream at the age of 12. I am so sad to see the name disappear, but it will forever be in our hearts. Thanks, Full Tilt, for everything you have done in the past 15 years for the community. I am pleased to see that the boot has been put in good hands under K2, and I’m looking forward to seeing what K2 is going to do with the amazing 3-piece boot design.” Taylor Lundquist

Having worked directly with those carrying the original 3-piece boot into its next life at K2, we know they share the same passion and loyalty for the product that WE all hold. And with that, we are confident that K2 will not only do the product justice but continue to promote and invest in the community that has given FT so much success since its creation.

The BEST IN THE WORLD ride Full Tilt.

Tom Wallisch / Henrik Harlaut / Phil Casabon / Sammy Carlson / Perrine Laffont / Taylor Lundquist / Birk Irving / Colby Stevenson / Maggie Voisin / Caroline Claire / Guilia Tanno / Brita Sigourney / Kim Gubser / Collin Wili / Matej Svancer / Will Wesson / Andy Parry / Bobby Brown / Karl Fostvedt / Tanner Hall / James Woods / Lucas Wachs / Sebastian Schjerve / Kuura Koivisto / Isaac Simhom / Kai Mahler / Seth Morrison / Daniel Bacher / Francesca Pavesi / Rell Harwood / Marin Hamill / Mac Forehand / Mark Hendrickson / Khai Krepela / Kim Boberg / Noah Albaladejo / Keegan Killbride / Christian Nummedal / Ferdinand Dahl / Johanne Killi / Emile Bergeron / Daniel Hanka / Ethan Swadburg / Bode Miller / Skogen Sprang / Mike Hornbeck / Steve Stepp / Clayton Villa / Sean Jordan / Peter Koukov / Ben Smith / Parker Norvell / Collin Collins / Wing Tai Barrymore / Maude Raymond / Robert Andre Ruud / Olivia Asselin / Sami Ortlieb / Thomas Trifonitchev / Vincent Veile / Jonnie Merrill / Daniel Loosli / Jackson Karsteter / Tucker Fitzsimons / Luke Votaw / Richard Thomas / Jed Waters / Brian Gardiner / Walker Woodring /

21/22 Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro or Ascendant Approach?

21/22 Ascendant Collection: Sammy Carlson Pro or Approach?

The 21/22 Ascendant Collection

Our athletes wanted tech-compatible boots that could handle a day in the backcountry just as well as they could rip down groomers, hot lap the park, and get after first chair freshies. Low and behold, the Ascendant Collection was born. Let’s run down some key similarities and differences between the Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro and Approach to find the right boot for your needs.


The Ascendant SC and Approach are tech-compatible for touring and offer the exact same walk modes. For both boots expect the same flex, each using the 120 flex tongue (change the flex softer/more rigid anytime on all FT boots with interchangeable tongues). Another shared trait is range of motion in walk mode. With the tongue attached expect a 40 degree range of motion and easily remove yours for 60 degrees.

The 21/22 Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro


The first major difference comes from the liner and shell construction. The SC is designed to be more rugged and more like an alpine boot in construction. It uses a full TPU shell whereas the Approach uses a slightly lighter Grilamid shell which is more commonly used in touring boots. The TPU is slightly heavier but gives a more alpine feel and is more durable. So if you plan on using the boots in and out of bounds as well as through the terrain park and don’t mind the slight weight hit the SC may be the better choice.

The 21/22 Ascendant Approach

The other difference is the liner. The SC uses a Pro Wrap tour liner and the Approach uses a Tongue Tour liner. The tongue liner is lighter and arguably feels more like a traditional liner found in most touring boots. The Wrap in the SC feels more like a liner in a Tom Wallisch Pro or B&E Pro.

The approach also comes fitted with a touring sole from Michelin but does have the Gripwalk soles in the box whereas the SC comes with the Gripwalk soles. However, you can buy the Michelin touring soles separate.


Overall, if you are looking for a freeride/touring boot which feels the most like an alpine boot go SC. If you want to save a little weight and have the boot feel more like a touring boot go for the Approach.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight chassis in the Ascendant Approach or a durable Heavy-Duty feel in Sammy Carlson’s Pro Model, the Full Tilt Ascendant Collection will give you the comfort and performance you need to Ascend it and Send it anywhere on the mountain.


Explore the Rugged Ascendant Sammy Carlson Pro:


Explore the Lightweight Ascendant Approach:


Find your forever boot. Discover all 21/22 Full Tilt Boots.

JIBERISH | A Walk in the Park Pt. 2 – Sam, Cal & Pete

Run it up. 💧

The gang is back. Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, and Pete Koukov teamed up once again to film their second Walk in the Park. All three are known for their hard-hitting street segments, Instagram antics, and flawless style, so it is always a pleasure to see those talents brought to the park.

Shot on location at Woodward Copper, Colorado.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Mildenberger.

Snag their boots! 👇

Sam Zahner on the Classic Pro

Calvin Barrett on the Drop Kick

Pete Loukov on the Drop Kick Pro

Tom Wallisch 2021/2022

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Product Video Roundup

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Product Video Roundup

133 days to winter! But who’s counting, right? Well, we might be. Especially as we round up a handful of our 2021/2022 Product Videos to highlight our new lineup of Full Tilt Boots. Yes, it’s only August, but this is always a speical time of year for us, as we get to showcase the new gear that we’ve been working tirelessly to produce.

From the ‘do it all’ Ascendant Collection, to the All Mountain Ripping Descendant and Plush Collections, to the boots worn by freestyle champions around the globe, take a look below and see whats in store for the 2021/2022 season.

Have specific questions about any of the boots? Don’t hesitate to shoot us a DM on any social platform, or hit us directly on our website. Our new site officially launches next week on August 16th, make sure you’re following along on social and email be the first to hear when it’s live!

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Tom Wallisch Pro Ski Boots – Look Like The Best, Ski Like The Best

For long nights in the streets to endless hop laps in the park, the Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro is designed to take your freestyle skiing to the next level. Featuring a customizable Inuituion Pro Liner, 90 Flex Tongue, and graphics approved by the pretzel man himself, the Tom Wallisch Pro is the boot Wallisch relies on day-in and day-out. If you are looking for the best ski boot for freestyle and park, look no further.

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Ascendant Approach Ski Boots – Light in Weight, Heavy in Technology

After getting rave reviews in its first season the Full Tilt Ascendant Approach is back in action for another season. We took the innovative tech-compatible design of the original Full Tilt Ascendant and added in a Pro Tour Tongue Intuition Liner, a lightweight Grilamid Shell, and heavy-duty Michelin Grip Walk outsoles for maximum grip in any terrain. Lightweight on the uphill, without sacrificing performance on the down, this is the Ascendant Approach.

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Soul Sister Ski Boots – Engaging Fit For Women Who Rip

Comfortable, warm, light, and easy to get on, our Soul Sister Collection checks all of the boxes. With Liners designed to accommodate a women’s calf and eliminate dead space, the Soul Sister Ski Boots are some of the comfiest yet high-performing women’s ski boots on the market.

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Drop Kick Collection Ski Boots – All Mountain Freestyle Performance

The lightest, most popular freestyle ski boots on the market! With the Drop Kick Pro, Drop Kick, and the Drop Kick S, we’re opening the door to a wider variety of comfort and performance. Whether you’re just getting into the freestyle skiing scene, looking for a comfy everyday boot, or topping podiums and claiming Gold Medals, these are the freestyle ski boots you need.

Full Tilt 2021/2022 First Chair Ski Boot Collection – Rip From First Chair To The Last

For the 2021/2022 season, the newly redesigned First Chair Collection is back in action. With stiffer flexes, available in a 100, 120, and 130 flex, paired with Pro Tongue Intuition Liners, and GripWalk Outsoles, these are your go-to all-mountain ripping ski boots. With the boots designed to help you ski from First Chair to Last Call, you’ll be able to ski harder than ever on the reimagined First Chair Series.

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Plush Collection Ski Boots – Comfort, Warmth, and Performance For Women

Comfortable, warm, light, and easy to get on, the Full Tilt Plush Ski Boots Collection of Full Tilt Boots checks all of the boxes. With Liners designed to accommodate a women’s calf and eliminate dead space to shells designed to wider feet, the Plush Ski Boots are some of the comfiest yet high-performing ski boots on the market.

Full Tilt 2021/2022 Descendant Ski Boot Collection – Comfort Meets Performance

Equipped with our roomy Evolution Shell, the Descendant Collection is the epitome of comfort and performance. With tongues that can flip out a full 90 degrees and liners designed to mold to the shape of your feet, you can slip these boots on like your favorite pair of sneakers.

Keep your eye out for a whole new video surrounding the Full Tilt Ascendant SC, coming soon. And don’t forget August 16th officially kicks off our 2021/2022 season with our band new website. See you there! 


Taylor Lundquist X Games Real Ski

X Games Real Ski | Vote Now!

X Games Real Ski is Back!

2021 X Games Real Ski is here, and with it, there are some crazy entries! X Games mixed it up this year by allowing competitors to include both powder and park shots in their entries, rather than purely urban. While this seems like it makes it very tricky on the judges, it sure is enjoyable to watch how each athlete chose to mix up their entry.

We’re stoked to see that three Full Tilt Athletes ended up in this year’s Real Ski. Check their entries out below and be sure to go vote for your favorite. Voting ends on the 28th!

Taylor Lundquist makes history as the first-ever female athlete to be included in Real Ski!  With some seriously technical urban skiing, Taylor and filmer Gavin Rudy put together one heck of an entry.

Vote Now! 

Grab Taylor’s Boot of Choice 

Full Tilt Soul Sister
Soul Sister 100

Ferdinand Dahl’s entry features some insane tricks. From a 2 on pretzel 6, to huge 3 swap’s and backcountry dubs, it’s pretty rad to see how Ferdinand excels outside of the traditional competition circuit.

Vote Now!

Grab Ferdi’s Boot of Choice 

Full Tilt First Chair 130
First Chair 130

The Legend, Tanner Hall, had a solid mix of backcountry and urban in his entry. Opening up his edit with a triple backy, you immediately knew it was going to be a good one. From huge urban spots to massive backcountry booters, Tanner shows that he is still consistently crushing the skiing scene.

Vote Now!

Grab Tanner’s Boot of Choice 

Full Tilt B&E Pro
B&E Pro

While we may be partial to our Full Tilt athletes, all of this year’s entries were insanely rad. So, go check them all out and be sure to vote for your favorite!

Vote Now 


LINE Traveling Circus 13.2 – Isle of Raccoon Dogs

LINE Traveling Circus is back for its second episode of the 13th season.

It’s not a raccoon, and not exactly a dog either…

On the brink of global pandemic, the crew assembles in the land of unlimited ramen for one last international hurrah. Deep pow, wet pow, ice pow, rails, walls, and falls this ones got it all! Join Jarred McCarl, Dylan Siggers, Kevin Salonius, Will Wesson, and Andy Parry on the hunt for the legendary Tanuki and its fabled nut sack in the land of the rising sun.


Gear up like the Circus

Full Tilt Ascendant Collection Product Video Thumbnail

Full Tilt 2020/2021 Product Videos

Full Tilt 2020/2021 Product Videos

It may just be the beginning of October, and the temperatures may still be a little on the warm side, but believe it or not, Winter is right around the corner. Before we know it, temps will be dropping and snow will be falling. Heck, it already is in some places!

Skiing is on our minds year-round, but we get a little extra excited this time of year, as we get to release the new gear that we’ve been working tirelessly to create and produce. This year, we’ve created product videos specific to each boot so you can learn the ins and outs of all things Full Tilt. Check them out below and listen in while our Product Line Manager, Tom Pietrowski, runs you through each model.

2020/2021 Full Tilt Boots – Why The 3 Piece Design Works – Model Overview

Full Tilt was born out of a need. While the rest of the industry continued to pound their chests on the merits of the clunky design, we saw an opportunity. Born from the legacy of the 3-Piece design – creating a biomechanical advantage – and forged out of lightweight materials, Full Tilt emerged as a contender in a world of stagnant design.

Over a decade later, we’re still committed to the 3-Piece design. We’ve seen our boots flash across the big screen on Alaskan faces, grace the feet of Olympic Champions – and most importantly – populate lift lines the world over. And for good reason, too. Full Tilt’s foundational fluid, consistent flex, and unmatched comfort address the needs of any and all skiers.


The Redesigned 2020/2021 Full Tilt First Chair Collection

For the 2020-2021 season, the Full Tilt First Chair Collection sees some updates. We stiffened up the ski boot collection with 100, 120, and 130 flexes. We added in Pro Tongue Intuition Liners, and we slapped on GripWalk Outsoles to each ski boot for maximum traction.

These ski boots are designed to help you ski from First Chair to Last Call, from Sun up to Sun Down. You’ll be able to ski harder than ever on the reimagined First Chair Series.


The 2020/2021 Ascendant Collection. The Collection Grows.

The best-selling Full Tilt Ascendant has grown into a family. For the 2020/2021 season, we are stoked to introduce the Full Tilt Ascendant SC and the Full Tilt Ascendant Approach.

Sammy Carlson’s pro model boot, the Full Tilt Ascendant SC is the tech-compatible boot that won’t sacrifice performance on the downhill. A comfortable Pro Tour Wrap Liner, removable 120 Flex Tongue, and lightweight Evolution 3-Piece Shell work together to make the Ascendant SC progressive and innovative within the resort ropes and well-beyond.

With the Ascendant Approach, we took the innovative tech-compatible design of the Full Tilt Ascendant and added in a Pro Tour Tongue Intuition Liner, a lightweight Grilamid Shell, and heavy-duty Michelin Grip Walk outsoles for maximum grip in any terrain. Lightweight on the uphill, without sacrificing performance on the down, this is the Ascendant Approach.


The 2020/2021 Drop Kick Collection

The boots that have seen more Podiums than any other boot in history, the Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot Collection will handle anything you throw at it. As the lightest freestyle ski boots on the market, there’s a reason they are team favorites for freestyle teams the world over.

Featuring the Drop Kick Pro, Drop Kick, and Drop Kick S, the Drop Kick Collection gives you the reliability and performance you need in a freestyle boot, without sacrificing comfort, no matter your skill level.


The 2020/2021 Plush Collection

The Full Tilt Plush Ski Boot Collection are the best ski boots for anyone looking to rip the entire mountain in comfort. With a roomy 3-piece evolution shell, the PLush 70 and 90 are best for skiers looking for a little extra room in their boots.

The Plush Ski Boot Collection is ready to rip all day long while keeping your feet comfy and cozy.


The 2020/2021 Tom Wallisch Pro

For long nights in the streets to endless hop laps in the park, the Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro is designed to take your freestyle skiing to the next level. Featuring a customizable Inuituion Pro Liner, Flex 6 / 90 Tongue, and graphics approved by the pretzel man himself, the Tom Wallisch Pro is the boot Wallisch relies on day-in and day-out.

If you are looking for the best ski boot for freestyle and park, look no further.


The 2020/2021 Growth Spurt

An adjustable ski boot, the Full Tilt Growth Spurt is the boot that grows with your kid. Gone are the days are trying to rent gear for a season before your kid grows out of it. With the growth spurt, you can adjust the boot as your kids’ feet grow. The boot is available in two sizes, small and large, with each allowing for three extra sizes of adjustment.

Complete with a ribbed tongue that will open to 90 degrees to make them incredibly easy to put on, pick up the growth spurt, and create some lifelong lasting memories with your little one.

Full Tilt 2020/2021 B&E Pro Ski Boots – The Go-To Boot For Freestyle Skiing Kings

The go-to boot for Freestyle Kings, Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon, the Full Tilt B&E Pro is perfect for freestyle skiers looking for a roomy shell that won’t sacrifice performance. Utilizing an Intuition® Pro Liner, park-optimized Flex 6 Tongue, and a fresh new design, the B&E can be seen on Phil Casabon while winning Real Ski segments, and on Henrik Harlaut medaling everything in the X Games. So whether it’s gnarly urban features or big doubles in the park, the Full Tilt B&E Pro will help you up your game.

Full Tilt 2020/2021 Classic Pro Ski Boots – Tried and True; The Original 3-Piece Ski Boot

Holding DNA from the old Raichle Flexon days, the Full Tilt Classic Pro is as, well, classic as it gets. Featuring an Intuition Pro Liner, Metal Buckles, and a reliable 8 / 100 flex tongue, the Classic Pro allows you to ski anything with confidence. Lightweight, versatile, and uncompromising, the Full Tilt Classic Pro represents everything Tried and True about the three-piece boot.

Full Tilt 2020/2021 Kicker Ski Boots – A Roomy Fit For Freestyle Performance

New this year, the Full Tilt Kicker is the perfect ski boot for freestyle skiers that don’t want to cram their feet into a narrow boot. Complete with a roomy three-piece evolution shell, easy to slip into Classic Tongue Liner, and a forgiving 4 / 70 flex, the Kicker is your go-to boot for improving your freestyle skiing game, or just skiing all over the mountain in comfort. Slip them on, buckle them up, and get kicking.

Full Tilt 2020/2021 Soul Sister Ski Boots – For Women Who Shred

Soul Sister 100: From Maggie Voisin topping X Games Podiums to Taylor Lundquist taking on the Streets to Perinne Laffont topping podiums in Mogul World Cups the world over, the Full Tilt Soul Sister 100 is for women who rip. An engaging Soul Shell works together with a Pro Intuition Wrap Liner, 8 / 100 Flex Tongue, and Grip Walk Outsoles to make this one hard-charging women’s ski boot. Designed to accommodate a women’s calf and eliminate dead space, you’ll be skiing all over the mountain with ease in the Soul Sister 100. Soul

Sister 90: Designed to accommodate a women’s calf and eliminate empty space for a comfortable and warm fit, the Full Tilt Soul Sister 90 brings top-notch comfort and performance to the table. Featuring an easy to get into Classic Tongue Liner, and a forgiving flex 6 / 90 tongue, the Soul Sister 90 is the perfect ski boot for ladies looking to elevate their skiing to the next level. Slip them on, buckle them up, and get shredding.

Tom Wallisch 2018 – 2019 Full Season Edit

Tom Wallisch’s full part from the 2018-2019 season is live! Enjoy this 6-minute recap of Tom’s season with footage taken from Good Company’s Cruise Control along with Level 1’s Romance.

Words from Tom: “It was such a fun season and stoked to finally compile all my footage into one part! Urban and backcountry together. Love doing a little bit of everything.”

Tom Wallisch

Wallisch beholds pure raw talent on his skis and is well regarded for his smooth yet complex spins and composed style. He has won numerous Gold Medals through the likes of the Dew Tour, X Games, and FIS (International Ski Federation) Championships. In 2010, Wallisch joined the Full Tilt Boots team and was able to create his own pro model boot, the Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro. Nowadays, you can find Tom ripping the park with his signature boot, filming with his production company known as ‘Good Company,’ filming projects with The North Face and even announcing events like the X Games.

Ski Like Tom

Whether you’re hot lapping the park, sending the big jump line, or hitting the streets, the Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro is equipped to help you stomp your landings and up your game. A-Pro Liner paired with a forgiving 6-flex tongue ensure you have the control you need, without the shin bang. Buckle up you Tom Wallisch pro’s and get after it with confidence.

Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro Boots

The Podcast Roundup | Full Tilt Athletes

The Podcast Roundup

Full Tilt athletes have been making waves in the podcast world over the course of this year. From the Powell Movement to the Low-Pressure Podcast, to Simon Dumon’t new Ascension podcast, there’s no shortage of professional athletes and ski industry enthusiasts that you can hear from.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about your favorite professional skier or see how some of the biggest players in the ski industry got to where they are today, Podcast’s present an awesome opportunity to get the inside scoop.

Listen in to these Podcasts with Full Tilt Athletes Phil Casabon, Tom Wallisch, Colby Stevenson, and Rob Heule to learn about how they became professional skiers, and who they are behind the scenes.

The Powell Movement: Phil Casabon 

Phil Casabon doesn’t do many interviews…what he’s known for is style on his skis and there aren’t too many in the world today that make skiing look as good as Phil.  While he has two X Games Gold Medals in the Real Snow category and competed, that’s not what Phil is all about.  He’s about edit’s that focus creativity and style.  On the podcast we talk coming up, Henrik, Wu-Tang, plants, fungus, and a lot of skiing and style.  It’s a must listen podcast.

Ascension Episode 1: Tom Wallisch 

Listen to “Ep. 1 Tom Wallisch” on Spreaker.

Fresh off of their “Resurrection” edit reboot, the God-Fathers of ski style return. Simon Dumont is launching his new show and bringing the crew along with him. Tom Wallisch slides into the studio with Simon in order to quickly go over the past and look forward to the future of skiing.

Ascension Episode 4: Colby Stevenson

Listen to “Ep. 4 Colby Stevenson” on Spreaker.

Simon sits down with one of the hottest skiers out right now in Colby Stevenson. What does the road to X Games gold look like? If you said that doesn’t include a traumatic brain injury then your missing the story! Lock in for another great interview with Simon


Low-Pressure Podcast: Rob Heule

Rob Heule is a professional skier, part-time Christmas light hanger, clothing designer and manufacturer, river surfer, and all-around good guy. Originally from Fernie, BC and now living just outside of Calgary, Rob made the trip to Whistler to attend a North Face event and stopped by the LPP Studios for a chat!

Full Tilt Boots Ice Skates

Full Tilt Boots on Ice

Full Tilt Boots on Ice

Yes, there’s plenty of ice to be found on the mountain, and Full Tilt Boots can definitely help you rip through that ice. But this story isn’t about that kind of ice, It’s about ice found in the rink.

Kris Van Hoof was an avid hockey player and coach. He played goalie for his local club and coached a team of young kids. But one day he had a tragic accident at work. He fell nearly 30 feet from a crane and ended up breaking many bones in both feet and ankles. After emergency surgery, he was left with numerous screws in each foot and the promise that he may never walk again without crutches.

However, Kris loved sports too much to give up that easily. 14 Months later, after tons of hard work and physical therapy, he was able to walk again without crutches. Being able to walk again without any help was a huge success for Kris, but he wasn’t satisfied yet.

Getting Back on the Ice

Kris had his mindset on getting back on the ice and doing what he loves. However, with so many screws in his feet and a limited range of motion, Kris couldn’t comfortably put his feet back into his hockey skates.

With the help of Kris’ friend, Marc Fransen, Kris was able to try on some Full Tilt Seth Morrison boots. With Full Tilt’s heat-moldable liners and shell, paired the unique flex of the three-piece boot, Marc was able to mold the boot into a shape that was comfortable for Kris’s feet.

Once they had a good fit, Kris and Marc proceeded to mount ice skate blades into the bottom of the Seth Morrison Boots.

Thanks to the unique flex and customization of Full Tilt Boots, and the ingenious idea from Marc Fransen, Kris was able to successfully get back on the ice. He has resumed his role of coaching, and he will be back in net playing goalie again soon.