Maude Raymond’s Focus on Style

Flowing in style from the car park to the terrain park // photo: Rachel Bock

“It’s all about flow and doing what feels good.” – Maude Raymond

Montreal, Canada born Maude Raymond grew up surrounded by a culture of outdoor sports and smooth style. Gymnastics, diving and ski racing were building blocks to her love of freeskiing and an integral foundation to fluidity, flow, and style.

Starting her career competing on the world circuit, Maude stepped away from the start house and focused on traveling and filming to showcase her own style and aesthetic. Inspiring women around the world ever since,  as an extension of her smooth skiing style, she has formed her own brand, MAAD.

From the products, imagery, and film Maude produces the Soul Sister’s style and function are a perfect extension of herself.

“The Soul Sisters are so comfortable and easy to put on! They help me ski smoothly and the height is perfect to keep my knees at their full strength.”

Maude Raymond in Japan.


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Wanna talk true Love ? So happy to be in @whistlerblackcomb again. P: @maxmorello

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Head in the clouds ☾ ✦ P: @bengirardi

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Lena Stoffel Chases the Winterfox

Freeride Full Tilt athlete Lena Stoffel, based in Innsbruck, Austria took a journey in the frozen lands of Hokkaido, Japan with her warm Soul Sister boots for a start to the season that was too good not to share with the world. Enjoy the teaser

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Watch out! This is a picture which I took on my travels through Hokkaido! The northern fox! My new movie which will be released this fall is called „WINTERFOX“ and it’s the first movie I produced completely myself! I filmed most of it myself, except the skiing of me is filmed by someone else! I edited myself and the music I worked with musicians who made the tracks especially for my movie! Thanks to @roryjwilliams and @lacurren ! And thanks to @charlesmeny for helping me with the finishing touches! Soon I will release a teaser with dates of screenings! So watch out for „WINTERFOX“ ! #ajourneythroughwinter #skiing #snowsurfing #skitouring #powder #japan #makewavesmovemountains @roxy @ortovox @lumix #lumixstories #hes12060 #sponsored #lumixg9

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“I spent two months in Japan last winter and wanted to show everybody what Hokkaido means to me, through my eyes. I feel so content and calm in that country. It feels like a second home to me. But this was a big challenge as I am new in the field of filming.”– Lena Stoffel

Winterfox, the first part of her new series “a journey through winter”, offers an immersive perspective of the Japanese island, seen through her eyes – a delicate balance between the raw power of skiing and the poetic beauty of Hokkaido’s wildlife and landscapes.

The short movie was shot and directed by Lena Stoffel herself alongside crew members Aaron Jamieson, Simon Abt, and Bine Zalohar. With a very special soundtrack of Rory J Williams & Lee Ann Curren, this short film is a unique experience.

Full Tilt 2019 Preview

Get a Sneak Peak at the 2019 Boots Before They Hit Shelves

Outside of a few select locales, the lifts have shut down. As skiers, it’s the most dreaded time. Shoulder Season. Mud Season. Spring. Whatever you call it, there’s that awkward time when it’s too late to ski — but too early to do much besides bemoan the end of yet another year sliding on snow.

But don’t fret; there are still ways to keep the stoke alive. Whether you’re waiting for an upcoming summer shred trip, or just counting down the days until the local spot reopens next winter, pouring over the newest gear is a surefire way to get you psyched.

And we’re here to help. You’ve probably seen the all-new Full Tilt Ascendant floating around the internet. We’ve been putting in the time to ensure that FulL Tilt’s first foray into backcountry boots stands up and accommodates all of your needs. We think we crushed it. But that’s not all we’ve been working on this year. Read on to see what’s new in the world of Full Tilt months before the newest boots hit the shop floor.

First Chair Series


The hard-charging boot is back yet again, offered in three different builds: The First Chair 6, 8, and 10. Pick your flex and feature set, and boom: you’re ready to send. This year, we’ve upped the quality with a matte finish and textured rand. Aside from smooth styling and a rich finish, this leads towards a longer lasting, scuff-resistant life year after year, lap after lap. Did we mention it looks really good?



You might have seen these in the Olympics. No? Well, maybe you weren’t looking close enough. Because Full Tilt Athletes represented strong in the PyeonChang Games; taking home podium finishes in just about every single freestyle event at the Korean Games. And to celebrate those talented athletes, we took the definitive freestyle boot and created a colorway that pays homage to those ripping skiers. So whether you’re boosting the pipe or blasting bump runs, you can feel — and look — exactly like your favorite Olympic skier. And you can snag your favorite colorway at awesome retailers — local and abroad now.

Descendant Series


But what if your foot trends larger? Maybe you’re done cramming into plug boots and need a bit more room to breathe. That was why over three years ago, we introduced the FTE shell. The Descendant Collection continues to offer the comfort and performance you need to rip hard without losing toenails. And if you look closely at the Descendant 8, you’ll see we’ve integrated the Tour Cuff from the Ascendant. So you can get a more natural stride whenever you’re not clicked into your skis.

So there’s only one thing left to do; find a Full Tilt Boot that works for ya, and get ready. But be sure to visit your local shop – wherever that may be. The fit process is fully customizable, and most shops offer comprehensive fit assessments and molding so your boots can be personalized to fit your exact needs.

From The Field: Adventures to Tagert Hut

Whiteford Tagert

Andrew Whiteford Heads to Colorado’s Tagert Hut

Strewn across Colorado’s hardscrabble high country, there is a series of huts known as the 10th Mountain Division Huts. Originally used for training exercises for the elite Military Unit, these huts are now utilized more for backcountry recreation than anything else. The Tagert Hut, tucked away in the Elk Mountains between Crested Butte and Aspen is one such place. Tagert offers comfy accommodations and — perhaps most importantly — rad ski touring.

Tagert Whiteford

It seems like an only fitting place to put the all-new Full Tilt Ascendant through the paces. So Andrew Whiteford packed up his Volkswagen Eurovan and pointed ‘er south from Jackson. Whiteford linked up with Jake Strassman and his mustached crew of midwest transplants for a long week of sun and ski touring.

From long alpine lines, to quicker treed shots, the mixed terrain offers unbeatable testing environs. Following the group of hearty Minnesotans, Andrew and Jake took to the terrain quickly.

It’s a different pace once the ski area closes; gone are the mornings hustling. Mornings slow roast and give way to late afternoon corn harvests. Towards the end of the day, everyone reconvenes to revel in the day’s accomplishments. It’s a simpler way of life — a regression to once was.

Finally, with this all-new boot, Full Tilt Believers can tap into these vibes, and experience the mountains in new avenues. We’ve gone full tech over here at Full Tilt, and we can’t wait to see how much farther you can go with the Ascendant. Learn more about the newest boots, and go ask your local dealer if they’ve ordered a few pairs.

Simone Canal vs Steve Stepp

Full Tilt Battle in SLVSH Grand Valira

Check out Full Tilt Skiers Simone Canal and OG Steve Stepp put it down in Andorra for the opening round of the SLVSH Cup Grand Valira. Who do you think will walk away with the W? Steve’s consistent, smooth vibe or Simone’s all-out assault? Check it out!

Both Simone and Steve rock the B&E Pro Model Boot. Learn more about it HERE!

Full Tilt Holds it Down Strong in XGames RealSki

The most creative X Games Event is Back Again

Back again for yet another year of mind-blowing street skiing, X Games RealSki continues to push the boundaries. With a wide array of talented skiers involved — from Antti’s high-speed strength to Keegan Killbride’s heavy spot check — this year was arguably the best one yet.

And unsurprisingly, Full Tilt is representing strong yet again. Longtime Full Tilt Skiers Phil Casabon and Mike Hornbeck dedicated the first half of their season to RealSki. And their respective segments certainly These two dudes have been at the forefront of urban skiing for over a decade now, and their decisive, creative styling cannot be touched.

Mike Hornbeck:

Holding it down for the Midwest, Mike Hornbeck takes advantage of the industrial areas around his native Michigan. With Techy tip rolls, the infamous nose snaps, and silky smooth style that elevated Hornbeck to the status of “your favorite skier’s favorite skier.” And the whole part is shot by fellow Michigander and talented skier Spencer Milbocker.


Phil Casabon:

But there’s no doubt that Casabon is at the top of his game. With a downtempo track that accentuates the Quebecois shredder’s effortless style, this will certainly be the loudest segment of the crop.

Combining unthinkable tech on some pretty serious features, Phil’s part undoubtedly will have you tracking back to dissect exactly what is going on. Switch Nollie to Switch 5050 on a down rail. Blindswap rail transfers. Rail-to-rail hopping into a double kink. The list goes on and on. It’s almost as if every shot in Phil’s part could be the ender.


Which one is your favorite? Cast your vote HERE!

Tempo: Phil Casabon

Casabon Returns with Tempo!

tempo phil casabon

Phil Casabon, style legend and master of creativity, has released his newest project, Tempo. This 8-minute piece is split into three sections: Street, park, and BC. Tune in here and prepare to have your mind blown. Creative jibs, wild jumps, and enough mind-bending creativity to have you rewinding over and over.

It’s projects like this that make Full Tilt want to collaborate with Phil. While your at it, check out the newest B&E Pro Boots, featuring personalized style hits from the illustrious master himself.

Check it out:

Streets of Duluth with Sean Jordan, Cam Riley, and Clayton Vila

Fabricating winter with Full Tilt and TGR in Duluth, Minnesota

duluth with tgr
Sean Jordan in Duluth with TGR

While much of North America endured record snowfalls, the urban areas throughout the midwest lay uncharacteristically dry. So when Cam Riley, Sean Jordan, and Clayton Vila linked up in Duluth to shoot a street part, the lack of snow forced the crew to get creative.

Because, after all, they were  creating the urban segment for Teton Gravity Research’s newest movie, Rogue Elements. But the boys persevered, and created one of the more memorable segments in the flick.

Check out some of the behind the scenes action:


But ultimately, they weren’t able to stitch together enough snow to make it work. They had to leave Duluth and skip over to Spokane — and later, Massachussetts — for some added shots. At the end of the day, the boys were able to pull it off, creating one of the more interesting and stylized segments in the entire movie.

But don’t just take our word for it; the fine folks over at TGR put up a whole feature documenting the process from start to finish. Check it out HERE!

Check out the Trailer:



Grigory Fuzeev Full Part

From Russia with…

Grigory Fuzeev, the Russian grab master, has dropped his absolutely mental full part. Replete with hefty urban spots, proper tweaks, and an absurd approach to jumping, this edit will have you tracking back, wondering, “wait, what was that?”

Tune, in, check it out, and snag the boots that young Grigory rocks HERE.

If you don’t know the name Grigory Fuzeev, you’ve probably seen his skiing. Grigory made a splash on the scene a couple of years ago with this insane edit, that was used as his “Wanna Be A Night” Entry. it quickly put him on the map as a guy that integrates style, unique rotations, and insane grabs.

SLVSH: Colby Stevenson vs. Kim Boberg


SLVSH Games Return

The newest installment of SLVSH has gone live, and it features none other than low-key crusher Kim Boberg facing off against Park City native Colby Stevenson. These two talented skiers battle it out in arguably one of the most creative and impressive park setups ever built. Tune in, and see which one of these Full Tilt Skiers comes out victorious. Will it be Colby’s technical prowess, or will Kim’s creativity and home court advantage reign supreme?

Click the Image to Watch the Full Game

There are a few standout shots. Check out Kim’s Rodeo Five Dub Nose, Colby’s handrags, and some impressive transition scoops by both the boys.


This is one for the books! Stay tuned for more.