Show Us Your Boots – May’s Contest Winner Checks In!

The new boots arrived. Thanks so much. I know I’ll love them. [I] noticed that the new models has a toe that can be replaced. That is the only worn part of my old boots after replacing the heel. Thanks again. Can’t wait for ski season now!

-Barbara May

Barbara May was our winner for the Month of May with the poem (see below) about her outdated Raichle Flexons that needed to be updated. View Barbara’s Winning Entry


Have mercy on my old boots and me, We’ve skied together since 1983.

New liners and heels Flex adorns, But oh, how the toes are so worn.

From Crested Butte to Vail we have played, Aspen, Steamboat, Breck all those days.

I was young, now I’m old,

I refuse to be told, No more Raichle Flexons for me.

Signed, The Skier (Waiting for her next pair or will never give up the old boots.) and her Boots (Best boots ever but please let me retire.)

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February Show Us Your Boots Winner

Congratulations Austin!













When I was little I looked forward to when I would be old enough for my feet to stop growing for my first pair of nice fitting boots. My dad had a pair of Raichle flexons that he swore by so I tried them on one day and they fit so dagon well that I gave them a shot the next day we went out skiing. They fit so well that it wasnt until skiing on them for a few years that I looked for another boot with more cushion because most of the liner was packed down. I picked up some used nordics jah loves and they were more cushiony but man did my feet hurt after that first day. So Ive been back with the old trusties for a couple more years now. I ended up just putting another sole in there to help with impacts but now its a real trouble to get a comfortable and stiff fit. Those hard hits still hurt and one of the pivot caps is broken so my right boot doesnt clitch down properly. The 3 piece boot is my one and only. “Help me obi wan kenobi youre my only hope!”

-Austin February 2013 Show Us Your Boots Winner

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December Show Us Your Boots Winner

“I met Glen Plake in 1993 at a military Exchange in Germany. I was just thirteen and convinced my parents to drive two hours so I could meet my idol. That day at the store I bought my Raichle Flexon Comp boots and have been skiing with them ever since.” – Robert the December ’12 Show Us Your Boots Winner.

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Winner Updates 3-Piece Quiver

Jonathan we admire your Flexon collection and deem it best of the locker room. There’s still a little spare shelf space, so we’ll add some Full Tilts to that collection! Check out his entry!

Ahhh, the venerable Flexon. Growing up skiing at the 270’ vertical drop Boston Mills in Ohio bashing bumps was really about the only thing we did to have fun. There were no terrain parks so the only jumps we could get away with were doubling moguls in close proximity. No Park Bulley’s grooming out kickers daily.

This collection of Flexons has taken me through my 20’s and now into my late 30’s in style. I keep getting older and skiing terrain keeps getting better, which is kind of a bummer but the Flexon’s have kept me happy and relatively shinbang-free for a while.

I now instruct at a little resort in Southeast Michigan and I am the minority in the locker room when it comes to boots. Lots of Technicas and other stiff-as-hell race boots and my Flexon’s are there every day, bucking the trend, people ask me all the time what kind of boot that is. I am kind and answer them…but I am thinking, “Dude, if you have to ask then you wouldn’t get it”.

I would love to keep spreading the good word in a pair of fresh Full Tilts.

Thanks for bringing these legendary boots back!

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Winner Finally Sees Girl’s Boots

Not only did Ryan snag a hot date, he also won them both some brand new Full Tilt Boots! So next year if they wear ski boots again they’ll be comfortable & safe with ribbed protection.

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This is me and my lovely date about to go to the prom together. The entire night was about class and style and I felt like my salomon demo boots were NOT classy. After the dance, my shins were so bruised! Please help me win a pair of classy fulltilts so i can go to next years prom in style.

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Old Boot Life of Party

Not only was Charles-Eric Dolce’s old ski boot given new life and purpose by making it the life of the party, it made its way to the upper echelons of ski society… Andy Parry.

With freeskiing going to the Olympics, it seems like part of the sport is starting to take itself a little bit too seriously and forgetting about the fun part of the freeski lifestyle. So, one hungover morning while on the ski lift, I started to wonder what my ski/party crew and I could build to represent our sport and bring that vibe back as much as possible. We decided to build a beer bong in a ski boot. To build this magnificent piece of art, we had to sacrifice an old pair of ski boots, invest gigantic amounts of money in a hardware store and spend countless hours building it. In the end, when we saw the result, we knew we had something very special in our hands.

I’m asking you guys at Full Tilt for a pair of boots because I feel that your company is all about that vibe, providing high performance equipment while not taking yourself too seriously. The picture shows the boot after 8 months straight of partying, Full Tilt’s very own Andy Parry at the IF3 while claiming his prize for the Line Traveling Circus and myself drinking from it.

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