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Athletes Sound Off on Boot

Three of skiing’s best sound off about their favorite boots: Seth Morrison, Tom Wallisch & Zach Crist

Seth Morrison

“These boots allow me to ski the way I do with the lightness and full flex no other boot in the market has. Believe me, I have tried m`any others and they just don’t work for my foot or skiing style. At the end of the day I wish I never tried anything else, it was just a waste of time. Couldn’t be happier that these boots are back and everything on them is exactly the same as they ever were. The ease of set up and fit with the moldable liners saves time at the boot fitters. If Full Tilt ever stops making them, I’ll have to buy the molds and make my own boots!”

Tom Wallisch

“Well… These boots are officially the best boots I’ve ever ridden. If your looking for a pair of boots that you can easily wear as shoes, these are them. So comfortable you won’t even wanna take em off… ever! No more need to worry about shin bang or toe bang! They’re super light, easy to control, and got everything you need without any of the excess baggage. The boots have a relatively soft and flexible shell, and interchangeable tongues for varying stiffness. You can totally customize the boots, making them perform exactly how you want.”

Zach Crist

“My favorite part of the FT ski boot is really it’s light weight, it’s like having a pair of running shoes on as opposed to a pair of hiking boots. Especially now with skis getting wider and inherently heavier, to have a boot that’s ligher is a really nice compliment. These boots are comfortable, warm and easy to get in and out of.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know that you can’t let your feet get in the way of a good time.”

Watch Seth Morrison in ‘The Ordinary Skier’

The legendary Seth Morrison (and his boots) blew minds this year with his technical skiing and mountaineering ability in ‘The Ordinary Skier‘. If you still haven’t seen it, here’s your chance! For those in the US you lucked out & can watch for free on Hulu! If you don’t want to deal with ads or you live outside the US, get the combo-pack with ‘Grand Bizarre’ from Poor Boyz HERE.


FT Dominates US Nationals

US Ski Team Members Dylan Ferguson and Heather McPhie made use of their naturally flexing boots as they walked from the podium after both winning national titles. For Ferguson, he successfully defended this title after winning it last year. This was McPhie’s first national title and proved to be well worth the accolades as she nailed her run (D-Spin and all) with a cast on from a broken thumb. Sochi here we come!

Check out McPhie’s Winning Run!


Video from Dylan’s 2nd Place Runs at Deer Valley


Day in the Life of Dylan


Full Tilt Boots is proud do be an official supplier of the US Ski Team.

Kristi Richards Checks in from Sochi

Full Tilt & Canadian Canadian Freestyle Ski Team member Kristi Richards recently went on a trip to Sochi, sight of the 2014 Winter Olympics. See and read about her trip below! Also check out more from Kristi on her BLOG.

We embarked on a mission to Russia to familiarize ourselves with the site and conditions of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.  The mogul venue will be held on the newly constructed resort of Rosa Khutar, so the organizing committee invited international teams to participate in a Europa Cup as an Olympic test event for the site.

I had heard tales of massive mountains and grand construction plans for the Games, but my first hand impression of the area is that it is much more spectacular than the tales themselves.  It seems that they are building a resort, from scratch, that will be the size of Whistler or bigger.   The difference?  They are building it in a matter of a few years!  The entire valley from the airport up to the hotel (1 hr drive) where we stayed is lined with the skeleton beginnings of massive buildings, train stations, Olympic sporting venues, restaurants and transit systems.  People are working around the clock to get everything prepared in time, traffic jams are caused by dump trucks and cement trucks, and the rumble of foundations being set vibrate through the valley at all hours.  Security is already high, with a strong presence of police, military personnel, and snow snipers!  The resort was closed to public for the test events, but our official accreditation gave us access to the lifts after going through a full security screening with metal detectors and physical search.  A check point at the top of the mogul run gave us access to the course, which is designed to finish in the same arena as the aerial and half pipe venues.  A landslide last fall had toppled over the towers of the new chairlift for the mogul course, so 2 rope-tows and a snowmobile tow was the quick solution for the test event.



The conditions there were all-time, with 15-40cms of snowfall every night.  It made for interesting conditions that were changing every 10 minutes.  One run would be soft and fluffy, the next big and rutted, and the next slick and catchy.  The clouds would roll in and out with fog, heavy snow, wind and rain, then break up to let in a little sunshine in.  Much like Cypress in 2010, we will need to be ready for anything in 2014.    I loved the pitch of the course, which is very similar to both the Cypress mogul course and ‘Kristi’s Run’ on my home mountain of Apex.  It will be great for big jumps and showcasing the middle section of skiing.   It was emotional to see the half pipe venue ready to go…  I brought a ‘Ride for Sarah’ bandana that I staked the middle of the pipe for her.  From the work she did to get her sport into the Games, it really felt like her pipe.



The resort itself is a spectacle, with a massive network of new lifts and gondolas that can access some very impressive terrain.  The top gondola is rarely open, as the zone is a cliff ban with avalanche chutes massive drops.  Avalanche control will be a huge priority for the resort.   Luckily, I had the foresight to pack my powder skis, so I took advantage of every moment I had to ski waist deep fresh on a great resort with no crowds!  I would load the gondola every morning with my mogul sis over one shoulder and my fat skis over the other.  ‘Warm up’ runs for mogul training were powder laps, which would get me grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day.  My ‘cool down’ activity was also powder skiing…  in the most epic untouched tree lines I have ever seen.  Every day it just got progressively deeper, and I can honestly say that on the last day (contest day), I skied the deepest powder of my life!  It seems that I’m hooked on Russian powder.  I’ll be packing my fat skis with me for the 2014 Games…

From Russia, with Love. -Kristi

Winner Rockin the Flexons since 88′

February’s winner of ‘Show Us Your Boots!’ over at Tetongravity.com has had these Raichle Flexons since before they were retro. Since 89′ Jason Bird has been rockin’ these Flexon Comps  and now this father of three can breathe easy knowing he’ll be in some brand new Full Tilts soon!

Check out his entry below!

On 2/27/12 while at snowbowl in Missoula MT my velcro came off the power band strap. Bought these boots brand new at gull ski back in the winter of 88-89 i think. I am a father of three and new boots really are not in the budget for me. I was in the 7th or 8th grade when i bought my flexon comps. I think they are about a half size to small. I love the photo on full tilts page of the classic boot. I figured I would throw my old k2 gyrators in with the boot… keepin it classic! jbird

Remember if you think you deserve boots more than Jason Bird (winner above), then show us why and submit your own entry at Teton Gravity. Check out all of our RECENT WINNERS!

Vintage 3-Piece Boots Getting Replaced


January’s winner of ‘Show Us Your Boots!’ over at Tetongravity.com has some pretty sick original Raichles which, we have to be honest, are dying to display in the office. So maybe Nick would be down to trade for some brand new Full Tilts?! Check out his below!

I got so excited to see you’ve brought my beloved Flexon comp boot back. I own the Flexon Comp VIP model which has special graphics to commemorate the 1989 Vail World Championship. I used them for over 12 years till I became too self conscious of the dated color scheme. By then the Flexon was gone from the market so I switched brands. Always felt the Flexon was the best ever but vanity kept me off them. The Full Tilt will become my next boot. Please enter me in your contest. I can also supply you more photos of the Raichle Flexon 5 and Flexon Slalom which I purchased in the last years of existence, but didn’t like. Too heavy and klunky.

Remember if you think you deserve boots more than Nick Pasyanos (winner above), then show us why and submit your own entry at Teton Gravity. Check out all of our RECENT WINNERS!

Full Tilt Boots Podiums at Winter X Games

If you were watching the Winter X Games in Aspen this last week, you might have noticed some of our boots on the podium. We had a total of 5 team riders up there!

Ski Slopestyle:
1. Tom Wallisch – Gold

Women’s Slopestyle
1. Kaya Turski – Gold

2. Anna Segal – Bronze


Big Air:
1. Kai Mahler – Silver  

Women’s Superpipe:
1. Brita Sigourney – Bronze  

Dylan Natale Kicks Off BC Season

As resorts are opening up and people are starting finally quench their powder cravings, Full Tilt team member Dylan Natale and his crew made sure to start the season off right… earnin’ turns in the Wasatch. Here’s a quick trip summary from the man himself!


After a quick storm dropped a foot of fresh on the Wasatch mountains a couple buddies and I loaded up the powder skis and boards to try and get our fix.  We decided on the famous Grizzly Gulch and it didn’t dissapoint.  We took a couple laps off Twin Lakes Pass and then climbed back up and skied Grizzly Gulch down to the parking lot.  Other than the couple of hidden rocks the snow was stable, soft, and deep enough to feel like we were skiing pow again.   Another storm is forecasted for Thanksgiving night…


We need a few more storms before Wolverine Cirque is a go
Fun zone