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Winner Updates 3-Piece Quiver

Jonathan we admire your Flexon collection and deem it best of the locker room. There’s still a little spare shelf space, so we’ll add some Full Tilts to that collection! Check out his entry!

Ahhh, the venerable Flexon. Growing up skiing at the 270’ vertical drop Boston Mills in Ohio bashing bumps was really about the only thing we did to have fun. There were no terrain parks so the only jumps we could get away with were doubling moguls in close proximity. No Park Bulley’s grooming out kickers daily.

This collection of Flexons has taken me through my 20’s and now into my late 30’s in style. I keep getting older and skiing terrain keeps getting better, which is kind of a bummer but the Flexon’s have kept me happy and relatively shinbang-free for a while.

I now instruct at a little resort in Southeast Michigan and I am the minority in the locker room when it comes to boots. Lots of Technicas and other stiff-as-hell race boots and my Flexon’s are there every day, bucking the trend, people ask me all the time what kind of boot that is. I am kind and answer them…but I am thinking, “Dude, if you have to ask then you wouldn’t get it”.

I would love to keep spreading the good word in a pair of fresh Full Tilts.

Thanks for bringing these legendary boots back!

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