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SEATTLE, WA – The most talked about park skier on the planet, Tom Wallisch (i.e. Todd Walnuts, The Pretzel Man, King of Afterbang) recently signed with Full Tilt Boots, solidifying his relationship with the brand. During the 08/09 season, Tom garnered victories at both the Dew Tour and Dumont Cup, as well as a $20k sponsorship from Coast Bodywash during its “Make Me Famous” contest all while rocking his Full Tilt Hot Doggers. With the Internet flooded with coverage of Wallisch’s undeniable skills and luminous presence, Full Tilt, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with a skier of such influential style and talent. The athlete and the company are stoked to take on the 09/10 season in full force.

“I’m just overall really stoked and really excited to be working with Full Tilt. They’ve got the best products out there, and it’s an awesome company to work with. I think we’ll be able to do big things together!” says Wallisch.

Says Full Tilt Team Manager Josh Malczyk: “I’m stoked Tom is keeping his feet in Full Tilts. His unique style, air sense, and raw natural talent make him one of greatest freestyle skiers of this generation. He makes a perfect addition to our constantly growing team of athletes, whose skiing is simply taken to the next level in these boots.”

TO WATCH WALLISCH’S EXCLUSIVE FT WEB EDIT: Seek out your local Full Tilt Boots dealer to find the password located in the Full Tilt catalog. Then come back to watch.

Tom Wallisch Signs with Full Tilt Boots from Full Tilt Boots on Vimeo.

Tom & Tom go off at freestyle.ch

The second day of freestyle.ch was the the qualification day for FT Riders Thomas the Train and T-Wall himself. The guys where packed into a jam with ones of the toughest rider fields of any qualification.

At 15.00 the live TV cameras turned their attention to the massive ramp. The 45 minute qualification saw tricks from double cork 1260s (Bene Mayr) to super stylish flat spin 540 bow and arrows. The crowd cheered on as the riders swapped positions with each jump, but in the end it was Tom Wallisch who came through with the most points going into the finals. Starting with his style he stomped a perfect flat 540 guitar grab, followed by a double cork 1080 mute to nose, landed with super style. Thomas Hlawitschka showed some clean rodeo 5s and a sweet sw misty 9 which brought him a lot of points from the judges. Sadly he got beaten by Jon in the last qualification round and ended up on 5th place, but i´m sure the Train will blow it´s steam even higher in Berlin.

After a long and wild partynight the whole crew took the bus back to the arena for the finals. The Level was incredible and Tom showed a Rodeo 5 for style and a forward double cork 10. Sadly he couldn´t convice the judges and missed the superfinal. Anyways, 5th place at a rider field like that is pretty impressive and promising for Berlin.

Congrats to the two Toms!!!!

Here is the Final Ranking:

1. Sammy Carlson

2. Elias Ambuhl

3. Andreas Hatveit

4. Jon Olsson

Tom Wallisch

Fredtjof Fredricsson

Lolo Favre

TJ Schiller

Thanks to Roman Lachner for the nice pictures and to downdays.eu for being awesome! check the full event coverage on www.downdays.eu

Thomas the Train Hlawitschka
Thomas “the Train” Hlawitschka