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Full Tilt Boots Official Update

Internet, we hear you.

Tweets, Forums, DM’s. We appreciate the words of support and passion shared for the Full Tilt Brand.

It is true; the 2021/2022 winter season will be the final ski season of Full Tilt’s existence as a brand.

For decades, the original 3-piece ski boot design has dominated competition, brought style to the ski boot game, and provided fit solutions for countless skiers. Full Tilt’s part in this storied legacy has been a fun one, embraced by the passionate community of park skiers and freestyle enthusiasts that live and breathe skiing every day. We want to first and foremost thank all of you who have echoed the phrase “just get Full Tilts.” And Full Tilt’s success over the years would not have been possible without the support from the long list of core ski shops who have put FT Boots on all those feet over all these years.

Let’s be clear; this isn’t a hard stop for Full Tilt. Through Spring of 2022, we will be continuing to push out rad product drops, limited releases, unique content, and plenty of giveaways. We will continue to provide customer service, warranties, exchanges, and more on the business side.

Behind the brand name, we are a small team of passionate skiers. We have grown up in communities that brands like Full Tilt helped create, and while you may not know it, we are the same crew behind LINE Skis. There’s no denying it is tough to see the Full Tilt brand end, but our team is ready to focus solely on LINE Skis in the coming seasons. We’re tipping our hats to the Full Tilt brand and shifting our sights from #comfortisperformance to keeping skiing #morefunner. For the good of skiing, we have big plans to continue growing LINE and giving back to the community that has supported skiing the wrong way since 1995.

For all concerned that your tried-and-true FT 3-piece boot is going away for good, fear not. The remaining commitment to the products and athletes that have shaped the FT brand over the years will continue. These boots will continue to be available as models within the K2 boot collection moving forward, beginning in Fall 2022.

“Full Tilt Boots have been on my feet for 15 years, for every X-Games medal, film segment, and edit. I’ve designed 10+ years of pro model boots with Full Tilt and loved every second of creating, testing, and marketing new versions every year. I’m excited for the future of K2 boots and to bring my flavor and style to a new line of products—the same molds, tech, and design but with a new logo. The boots will continue to provide the look, comfort, and stomped landings you’ve come to expect!” -Tom Wallisch.

“Full Tilt has been the park skier’s choice, at least in my eyes, since I started pursuing this dream at the age of 12. I am so sad to see the name disappear, but it will forever be in our hearts. Thanks, Full Tilt, for everything you have done in the past 15 years for the community. I am pleased to see that the boot has been put in good hands under K2, and I’m looking forward to seeing what K2 is going to do with the amazing 3-piece boot design.” Taylor Lundquist

Having worked directly with those carrying the original 3-piece boot into its next life at K2, we know they share the same passion and loyalty for the product that WE all hold. And with that, we are confident that K2 will not only do the product justice but continue to promote and invest in the community that has given FT so much success since its creation.

The BEST IN THE WORLD ride Full Tilt.

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