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Ski The North - Rob Heule

“Ski The North” – Rob Heule & Co. discuss their latest film.


“Mack Jones, Rob Heule, and filmmaker Graeme Meiklejohn got back on the bus this year. Apparently they didn’t get enough of RV life after driving from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean last year for the making of Meanwhile in Canada. After Mother Nature threw the team a knuckleball, the boys had to scrap their original plans for the winter and booked some quality time with Harvey the RV 2.0 via Canada Dreams “Going South” package to get the wheels rolling on Ski the North. Like last year, the project is based around urban, but will feature some resort riding. For Intersection, they made a separate cut of the project with the full project being released in its entirety after [World Ski & Snowboard Festival].”


Rob Heule, Ski The North

Your original plan was to go to the Kootenays to film this project? How did that come about?
Rob: There’s so much potential there. Both Nelson and Trail are built on hills.
Mack: The JP Segment [in Sherpas Cinema’s All I Can].
Rob: Yeah, definitely the JP segment comes to mind when you think of that area. I think it’s a bit of an unexplored area that still has a lot of potential, and there’s usually snow. Just with the warm winter, it was obviously not feasible.

How did Whitehorse become the contingency plan?
Mack: It was kind of a joke at first—like, “Let’s go straight north because no one else has snow.” And then Nelson actually didn’t have snow. We were thinking about going to Alaska, but we wanted to keep on with our Canadian theme.
Rob: It was such a last minute decision.
Mack: We were going to leave Vancouver for Nelson on the second [of February]. And then we were gone in an RV by the fifth.
Rob: It was within two or three days that we organized the same RV trip that we put three or four months of planning into last year.
Mack: We told ourselves that we weren’t going to do an RV trip this year, then we were like, “We have to.”


Logan Gets Real with SBC Skier


We here at Full Tilt are grateful FT Team rider Logan Imlach is going to continue writing to contribute to SBC Skier, as he always keeps his ‘how to’s’ funny and actually useful. Check out SBC’s interview with Logan and find out all there is to know about the Superunknown 2010 winner from AK.

After winning Level 1’s Superunknown contest in 2010, Logan Imlach began sharing his knowledge with our loyal readers in the form of “how to’s” (which can all be found here) – which ranged from picking up hippies in a resort town to building your own winch. Lucky for us, Logan plans on continuing to contribute to www.sbcskier.com throughout the winter, and don’t be surprised when you see his name gracing the pages of our magazine.

Name: Logan Imlach
Age: 24
Years Riding: 10
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Now Hangin’: Anchorage, AK (Portland, OR soon)
Accomplices: Level 1, doom/love
Sponsors: Moment Skis, Spy Optic, Full Tilt, Lethal Descent, Joystick, Capix, Marker, Kombi, Outdoor Technology, SkiAK, Purple Jump Suit Apparel
Off-Snow: Golf, fish, learn


Hey Logan, how’s it going?

Pretty well man! Just killing time at work. Hating being at a desk.

What’s the plan for the summer?

I’m working at an engineering firm in Eagle River, Alaska. I get to go out in the field sometimes, but most of my time is at the ol’ desk so I’ll be spending my free time fishing, golfing and getting some quality time in with friends and family before my girlfriend and I move to Oregon.

Why the move?

My girlfriend got into grad school just west of Portland, so I’ll be calling Mount Hood my spot for a while. No idea if it’s permanent – we’re just rolling with the punches.

Any big plans for next winter?

Nothing really set in stone yet, but I bought an enclosed trailer that will fit my sled and some sort of sleeping arrangements, so hopefully I’ll get enough time off of work next season to caravan around the PNW with my sled filming all over the place.

Logan Imlach

How was your season?

Busy man, really busy. Started off getting my Engineering Degree in December, and days later filmed in/around Anchorage with Will Wesson and the infamous Freedle Coty. I went on a few other trips with Level 1, including my first real heli mission in Colorado with Telluride Helitraxx, which ended up being one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I didn’t get to get out and film with Level 1 nearly as much as I wanted due to my work schedule and limited budget, but I’ve got my chin up for next season when I’m living in the continental US and working a rotational position in Alaska’s oil fields, giving me two weeks off a month to go shred.

Have things changed very much after winning Superunknown?
Oh man, like night and day. The season that I filmed that edit was going to be the last year we made a movie with our local crew, so mentally I was just kinda like, “Yeah I’ll try to go out with a bang, and transition to becoming a recreational skier.” And I was cool with that. Then when I won it kinda threw me for a loop. It’s an amazing opportunity to keep skiing and keep trying to think of new things to do, so I’m just going to ride it out as long as Josh continues to invite me on trips.

We heard you dislike being labeled as a pro skier.

That is one of my biggest pet peeves right now. So many kids are like “ohhhhhh prroooooooo” when someone is on a flow program. A professional skier is someone who skis for a living, and has no other source of income. Anything less than that is an amateur. Take me for example; just because I had a couple shots in a movie and get some free gear does NOT make me a pro – I don’t make any money off of skiing. In fact, I actually pay out of pocket for a lot of things, that’s why I have to have a real job. So kids, stop asking people how it feels to be “PROOO”, because you sound like a bunch of idiots.

Check out SBC Skier for the REST OF THE INTERVIEW (trust us it’s worth it)