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“Ask Me Anything” with Seth Morrison

Ask Me Anything with Seth Morrison
p: Johnny Rayne

You asked! He answered! Professional Skier Legend Seth Morrison joined Teton Gravity Research for a one-on-many chat about life as a pro skier. For over 3.5 hours and 141 posts, Seth took any and all questions regarding cliff drops that exceed 80′, how to prepare & stay in shape for the winter season, and the risk vs. the rewards in today’s top tier skiing.

Here’s a few excerpts from TGR’s “Seth Morrison’s 25 Best Responses In Our ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session”

Q: Do you ever watch another skier and ponder that they may be a better skier? What is your go to phrase when skiing… like “Get money!” or “Time to riiip it uuuuuup!!”

S: Go to Chamonix, everyone is better! My phrase at resorts is “Get out of the way.”

Q: So what is my best regimen for still skiing hard as I get older? I know you mountain bike and hike a lot. Any other specific tips? – whyturn

S: The whole idea is to stay in shape so you’re ready for the task at hand. I have had to do way more riding on the bike and hiking to simulate a day in the mountains, for the climbing of runs and skinning in to get there.

Want more? Head over to TGR and read their recap article HERE or peruse the entire thread HERE.

LEARN MORE: Seth Morrison Pro Model

The Seth Morrison Pro Model Boot

“These boots allow me to ski the way I do with the lightness and full flex no other boot in the market has. Believe me, I have tried many others and they just don’t work for my foot or skiing style. At the end of the day I wish I never tried anything else, it was just a waste of time. Couldn’t be happier that these boots are back and everything on them is exactly the same as they ever were. The ease of set up and fit with the moldable liners saves time at the boot fitters. If Full Tilt ever stops making them, I’ll have to buy the molds and make my own boots!” – Seth

Full Tilt 2013 Fall Catalog Preview

Full Tilt was founded in 2006 with a mission to bring back a great product that worked, was demanded by top athletes and was world renowned for it’s technological advantages. 7 years ago we couldn’t even imagine the impact our 3 piece boots have on so many skiers young, old, freestyle or freeride and we’re honored to present to you a preview of what’s to come in the Fall of 2013 from the original 3 piece boot company.


Watch Seth Morrison in ‘The Ordinary Skier’

The legendary Seth Morrison (and his boots) blew minds this year with his technical skiing and mountaineering ability in ‘The Ordinary Skier‘. If you still haven’t seen it, here’s your chance! For those in the US you lucked out & can watch for free on Hulu! If you don’t want to deal with ads or you live outside the US, get the combo-pack with ‘Grand Bizarre’ from Poor Boyz HERE.


Seth & FT in Europe

Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to tell you a little bit about an event we were planning over the last couple of months and which finally went down 2 weeks ago.  During the summer months we came up with the idea to do a tour through some resorts in Europe and spread the word about Full Tilt Boots.  Well, as you’ve already read in the header, we got Seth over to the Alps for the week!
The tour started for me (Korbi, European Marketing Coordinator) with an 8 hour drive to Geneva, Switzerland to meet up with Paul, our boot guy (actual title: engineer) who also joined us for the tour. The next day Josh, FT Marketing Manager and Seth arrived at Geneva airport and we drove to our first stop: Zermatt, Switzerland.

After a 4 hour drive along the beautiful Lake Geneva we arrived in Zermatt just on time to prepare everything for the invited dealers to arrive and the presentation of the product line.  Lots of conversation, drink and laughs later it was a success. Everyone was going great and the crew was happy to go skiing the next day. Sadly it started to rain heavily all the way up to the glacier, so we couldn’t see the Matterhorn and even worse, the conditions to ski were awful! No worries though, good friends and the misty Alps were a great treat.

The drive up to Zermatt.
The beautiful drive up to Zermatt.
Seth on the way to Zermatt
Seth happy to be in Europe, first castle siting.
On the way to Zermatt
On the way to Zermatt
The Materhorn on the arrival day
The Matterhorn on the arrival day
Seth talking about his boot
Seth talking about his boot
And Dealers are listening!
And Dealers are listening!
The Zermatt Crew
The Zermatt Crew

The next stop on the schedule was a small city called Thun, Switzerland with a signing session at the Free Mountain Shop. As you can see on the photos, this was one of the mellower days of the tour but Seth made lots of people happy with signing posters, skis and he also did a pretty good job as a photo model 🙂

Thun's castle
Thun’s castle



Ready, steady, GOOOO!!!!!
Ready, steady, GOOOO!!!!!
Seth's "Blue Steel"
Seth’s “Blue Steel”
Sascha from Free Mountain and Seth
Sascha from Free Mountain and Seth

Right after the signing session we left to meet up with the next dealers in Silvaplana near St. Moritz, Switzerland. As we arrived the first guys where already waiting for us with a cold beer at the hotel bar. After finishing the welcome drink we started off with our presentation and the boot fitting. At this point i have to thank Paul and the local reps Cristophe, Sascha and Moreno (who came to help us even though it was his birthday!!!) for all their help during the trip!

Josh talking about Full Tilt's history
Josh talking about Full Tilt’s history
Paul explaining the difference of a FT compared to a 2 piece boot.
Paul explaining the difference of a FT compared to a 4 piece boot.


The next day it was time to hit the slopes again. This time it didn’t rain, but there was one big cloud which didn’t change it’s position for the entire day. Result: 0 visibility on 3/4 of the mountain.

"There's the mountain Seth did a front flip off Paul"
“There’s the mountain Seth did a front flip off Paul”
Imagine some amazing big mountains in the background
Imagine some amazing big mountains in the background
Kid's coming up to get a poster at the parking lot
Kid’s coming up to get a poster at the parking lot

Now it was time to leave Switzerland and head east to Austria. After a little repack session at the border we made it to Innsbruck and the Stubaital to meet up with more shop guys and some friends of downdays.eu, a website we are working with. This time we planned the presentation and boot fitting for the next day, so there was a little bit of time to relax and for downdays.eu to do a interview with Seth, which will come out in one of their news, dropping every wednesday, so make sure to go and check that out! Again, the weather was not on our side! It was unbelievable windy (A video Seth took with his phone: http://yfrog.com/epikez ) and the lift operators had to shut down almost all the lifts, but there was enough time to test the fresh heat molded boots.

repacking at the border
8 am, just like in school.
8 am, just like in school.


Seth with the Guys of Hotel Viktoria in Neustift
Seth with the Guys of Hotel Viktoria in Neustift

After one more signing session at Sport Conrad in Garmisch-Partenkirchen we ended the tour with the European Winter Sales meeting that was held in Garmisch.
Thanks to all the dealers for coming out, testing the boots and giving feedback. Thanks to Seth for doing this exhausting trip with us and thanks to you for taking the time to read my story all the way to the end!

Pray for Snow!

Me, Seth and Josh
Me, Seth and Josh

Seth’s AK Adventures

originally posted on SethMorrison.net


After a few weeks of more weather days than skiing days, we find ourselves coming to a close on the trip. Mother Nature has been in charge and always will be. Wally, the pilot that runs the hanger we base out of, put it best after living here for over 13 years, “I’m not the same man I was when I first came here.” This is very true of all the trips I have ever been on. Experiences coupled with being in a new place, accelerated that transformation in all of us.

Clear days have delivered the goods, but its never easy. Wind started blowing and made the game plan change. From looking at peak tops, to looking in the lower protected grounds. Wind limits tight landings for the heli, so its not safe to do. Thats part of it though, doing what you can when you can. After some days of wind and sun we found ourselves hoping for weather to reset the zone. Its crazy to say, especially after the weather days we sat through. Having the rest is nice for the body, but bad on the mind.

From the locals that climb the mountains out there, to those that spend their time on dry land. They all say this is a low tide season. Makes you wonder what it would be like on a normal season out there. Would the crevices be more covered allowing the spine lines to death be a go? Offering more. Would many of the spines just be gone completely?

You’ll never know what to expect when you’re exploring new terrain. Uncertainty and the hopes of perfect conditions are a daily occurrence. Our limits have been tested and pushed into another level of team work. Cutting away and realizing what its all about, all over again. Thats why we love it, and thats why we will leave here different Men. Thanks to everyone in the crew, check out TGR’s “Light The Wick” this fall or their site to see what has happened. I’ll let the photo’s tell more of the story.


Seth Morrison – Chamonix is for (Fear) Lovers

This article is originally found on ESPN.com/Freeskiing
Seth Morrison Photo Getting ready for another big line in Chamonix.

Chamonix was a place I had never been in all my years as a skier, so this trip was a real treat. Kye Petersen and I were here with an Oakley film crew to document our steps as we scouted lines for an upcoming late-spring trip. Chamonix is not a place to be taken lightly — danger lurks around every corner, and you’re never actually safe until you are at the valley floor drinking a beer with your bros, reflecting on the day’s adventure. It was unlike anything I have ever done. One day at a time and working our way into it was the routine.

Seth Morrison Photo Scoping the goods.

For the most part, the snow was hardpack. This made the steeps even steeper, and the degrees of the runs here are the real deal (most of these areas have been climbed and that’s where the steepness ratings come from). In addition, I was skiing on powder skis the entire time, so it was an added challenge to stay focused on the hardpack conditions. No-fall skiing was the name of the game, and focus was the main concern as we practiced ice climbing, familiarizing ourselves with crampons, ice tools, rappelling and other needed bits of exposure to the world of Chamonix. Skiing with a much heavier pack than usual filled with gear you normally wouldn’t carry at your local ski area is something that definitely keeps you mindful of each turn.

Seth Morrison Photo Watch out for the rocks.

We did a lot of skiing on and around glaciers. Each day was filled with some sort of hike/skin or rappel to get to a line. 9000 vert runs loom off the Aiguille Du Midi and even 11,000 vert off the Mont Blanc. This place is big and real. Fear of rock fall, falling into a crevice, avalanche, serac fall, or a small mistake (like a crash) are in the back of your mind during every run.

Seth Morrison Repeling down to another hairy line.

The bottom line? The lifts take you to places that — in other parts of the world — would take many hours to climb to from the bottom. There are regular ski runs in the valley, but that wasn’t our program. We went for the mind-altering experience of being in these mountains, and skiing around with some seasoned American Mountain Freaks gave us a look into what Chamonix is truly all about. It’s clear why people come here year after year: In this place, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how rad you think you are. Looking around you see people doing things much crazier than you and what you’re doing doesn’t really matter other than getting down in one piece.

… Which, of course, is another reason why a few celebratory beers are in order at the end of every day on the valley floor. You made it out alive, and that’s a big enough feat in itself.