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How to pack for an RV trip

Pack Your Things! A Guide to #SkiTheNorth

Rob Heule’s How-to Guide to RV Living.

The Things You’ll Need For a Month On The Road!

So by now we hope you’ve caught the latest release, Ski The North, featuring FT’s Rob Heule. No? THEN LOOK UP!

Done? Great. Wasn’t that good? We agree.

Now you’re wondering, well…how do I do that?

Good news is we spoke with Rob and he’s compiled of all the gear you’d need to go on your own Northern adventure next season.

Read up and get out there!

How to pack for an RV trip

  1. Scoop shovels: Cover up the concrete you’ll be skiing over faster and more efficiently!

  2. Yoga Mat & Foam Roller: Stay loose and limber after you fall down concrete stairs everyday for a month straight.

  3. Work lights & extension cords: For skiing at night, where you’re not supposed to during the day.

  4. Sleeping Bags: Because sleeping in an R.V. in February is not the warmest thing to do.

  5. Safety Mack Jones: Need someone to direct traffic when you’re landing off a handrail into a busy street? Mack is your guy, and he’ll do it as politely as possible with a smile on his face!

  6. Winter boots: Keep your toes warm! If you sweat, you die… Our Full tilt boots get pretty sweaty after a day of skiing, so it’s nice to have a change of footwear.

  7. Propane Torch: Ever tried building a jump out of snow that fell over a month ago, and has frozen and thawed countless times? So have we, and the heat from a propane torch makes the process a whole lot easier.

  8. Helmets: Safety first kids!

  9. Video & Photo Cameras: From digital to analog we shot it all. HD, Super 8, JPEG, & 35mm film. Documenting ski stunts with different forms of media.

  10. Water & Gasoline: Keep yourself, and your R.V. hydrated!

  11. Collapsable lawn chair: Press record from the comfort of your chair (when it’s -30 degrees)

  12. Assortment of Line Skis: Blends, Bacons, and Chronics. Skis for all conditions you might encounter on the road to the Yukon.

  13. First Aid Kit: Never know when you’ll get an unexpected BooBoo and need a Band-Aid.

  14. Bungee: Speed maker for smaller spaces where the winch is not a feasible option

  15. Winch: How do you generate speed on flat ground, and ski entirely too fast into street features? You guessed it: A gas powered winch.

  16. Steel Shovels: Essential for breaking up, and shoveling snow that may not exactly classify as fresh pow.

Ski The North - Rob Heule

“Ski The North” – Rob Heule & Co. discuss their latest film.


“Mack Jones, Rob Heule, and filmmaker Graeme Meiklejohn got back on the bus this year. Apparently they didn’t get enough of RV life after driving from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean last year for the making of Meanwhile in Canada. After Mother Nature threw the team a knuckleball, the boys had to scrap their original plans for the winter and booked some quality time with Harvey the RV 2.0 via Canada Dreams “Going South” package to get the wheels rolling on Ski the North. Like last year, the project is based around urban, but will feature some resort riding. For Intersection, they made a separate cut of the project with the full project being released in its entirety after [World Ski & Snowboard Festival].”


Rob Heule, Ski The North

Your original plan was to go to the Kootenays to film this project? How did that come about?
Rob: There’s so much potential there. Both Nelson and Trail are built on hills.
Mack: The JP Segment [in Sherpas Cinema’s All I Can].
Rob: Yeah, definitely the JP segment comes to mind when you think of that area. I think it’s a bit of an unexplored area that still has a lot of potential, and there’s usually snow. Just with the warm winter, it was obviously not feasible.

How did Whitehorse become the contingency plan?
Mack: It was kind of a joke at first—like, “Let’s go straight north because no one else has snow.” And then Nelson actually didn’t have snow. We were thinking about going to Alaska, but we wanted to keep on with our Canadian theme.
Rob: It was such a last minute decision.
Mack: We were going to leave Vancouver for Nelson on the second [of February]. And then we were gone in an RV by the fifth.
Rob: It was within two or three days that we organized the same RV trip that we put three or four months of planning into last year.
Mack: We told ourselves that we weren’t going to do an RV trip this year, then we were like, “We have to.”