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Suzanne Graham on the Freeskier Cover

Utah native and Full Tilt skier Suzanne Graham tossed herself and her Full Tilt Soul Sisters off this this sizeable cliff to snag the cover of Freeskier Magazine‘s November Womens Edition. Erik Seo was the trigger man for the shot and here’s a few words from Suz about how it came to be:

Erik Seo, Jen Hudak, and I headed up to Alta for a 7 AM chair hoping we could make it out to this specific area before anybody else. The goal of the day was to get some good shots of us sending it off some cliffs. When we got out there we weren’t totally sure how soft the landings were so we spent some time assessing the situation. Nobody had been out there since it snowed and with a cliff that big the snow really needs to be deep and soft enough- after throwing a lot of snowballs into the landing and building a small lip off the cliff I decided to give it a shot first. The photo on the cover was from the first hit of the day, where I decided to go for it off the bat and do one of my favorite things in the world, a big laid out back flip. Both of us got some fantastic shots (huge thanks to Seo) and called it a day early to go ski some pow. 🙂” – Suz (http://suzgraham.com/)

Suzanne Graham - Nov09 - Freeskier Magazine