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Easter Shred

yoo..loong time no post! but I have just been shredding, beeing sick and hanging out with girlfriend and friends!!….

Right after Andreas Håtveits “BACKYARD BATTLE” was over..me and aleksander aurdal and ole mustad jumped into the car and drove 7 hours to get to Tandådalen in sweden for the “SECONDHANDS GOLDEN AIR!” and Damn! what a show!
I think it was the number one coolest comp I have ever been to… the show was sick…all the light, music, stokeness etc…

Ole is stoked to be in Sweden
Ole is stoked to be in Sweden

we missed the first training but it didnt bother us to much I think..and after a 40 min long Jam Session 4 people qualified for the superfinals and head-to-head..everyone was throwing down and it was one of the highest level skiing comps I have ever been to!…

Aleksander Aurdal, Ole Mustad, Lasse Nyhaugen and Kim Boberg! hehe what a sucsess!..
I met Aleks in the first head to head and moved to superfinals
against Lasse!! he was killing it so hard and stomped his dub cork 12, I tried to do Bio 10 blunt but landed a bit low and hit both my knees up in my mouth again hehe..but its all good!! lasse killed it and won 30.00 swedish kronor , I got 2nd.. and I got a Backpack! yeah!! haha….check out the video:

SGA 2010 from Secondhands on Vimeo.

After some sick days in sweden I jumped into Anjas car and we drove to her homevillage…for some chill out and then do a big air comp on friday. was so tired and sick….but it was fun..not a super big
jump but its was fun to do some 9s and some sw 10s here and there….Big Ups to Sondre Hermundstad and the crew for fixing the comp!..comp was called (kongen av jotunheimen)
so relaxed and fun..just 1.5 hour sesison on the jump the 4 people moved to superfinals..and Head-to-head….just like in sweden…I guess it was my day…and I won!! wihoo!. and my girl Anja won the girls comp!!

Hope you like it!! Next time i´ll come up with some new shred n breakfast stuff 😉
bless /kimboo